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Stratford No1 Branch Olympic Newsletter

Please download and distribute Stratford branch newsletter using the link below. You can view it by clicking here.

Exceptionally Busy

This summer will see Tube staff of all grades working really hard to transport Londoners and visitors during the Olympic period. With the main venue being in Stratford, the Olympic Games Live Sites in Victoria Park and Hyde Park, and Marathon Swimming and Triathlon event in Hyde Park, the Central Line -our RMT branch’s area -is right at the heart of it.

Tube Cleaners Balloted For Strike Action

TUBE UNION RMT confirmed today that it is to begin balloting tube cleaners working for ISS and Initial for both strike action and action short of a strike in disputes over pay, pensions and benefits.

RMT is demanding that the cleaners, who do some of the dirtiest jobs often in appalling conditions to keep the tube running, should receive in return:

  • A substantial, above inflation Pay Increase
  • A substantial Olympic Bonus, in line with the payments offered to LOROL staff
  • A Sick Pay Scheme
  • Free Travel Passes for All
  • Improvements to the Pension Scheme

Recruitment Campaign For Canteen And Cleaner Staff

RMT is organising to recruit more members who work as Cleaners and Canteen staff. We have a ballot coming up for ISS cleaners who's pay and benefits are woefully low for the hard work they do. At Sodexo the RMT is working hard to get recognition for the RMT,

This all depends on getting as many people signed up as possible. Remember cleaners and canteen staff can currently join the RMT for £1 a week.

Recruitment Plan For Canteen and Cleaner Staff

There are small group of reps and activists who are attempting to actively recruit cleaners and canteen staff in the london transport region.

Sodexo canteen workers have put in for a recognition agreement, their management have agreed dependant us on getting 50% +1 members, if we do not get the required number of members we will be barred from going for recognition again for 3 years.

Cleaners are to be balloted shortly due to a number of issues including an olympic recognition bonus which makes our task even more important.

RMT Pushes For Above Inflation Pay Rise, Olympic Bonus, Improved Pensions and Better Benefits For Initial Cleaners

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, and welcome his actions in tabling a claim for an above-inflation pay rise, free travel passes, a full sick pay scheme, improved pensions and an Olympics bonus. We agree to his recommendation that should Initial not respond positively to the Olympics claim within 7 days and the other claims within 14 days, we intend to declare this union in dispute with this company in line with the wishes of our representatives.

RMT Pursues Pay and Olympics Claim for ISS Cleaners

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, that RMT has submitted a pay claim to ISS, and met with the company on 20 March to demand:

  • a substantial, above-RPI pay rise
  • a substantial Olympic bonus
  • a sick pay scheme
  • free travel passes
  • improvement to the pension scheme

Should ISS not agree to these demands, our representatives wish us to ballot members for strike action and action short of strikes.

Poster: Cleaners Demand Olympic Bonus

A recent cleaners protest, photo by Mark King

“Greedy Money Grabbing Cleaners” Demand Olympics Bonus

If only this were true! Whilst the debate continues about the financial rewards being offered to most LU staff across the combine for the Olympic Games, please spare a thought for our often downtrodden cleaning colleagues who are employed by the notorious Cleaning Companies.

Please download and distribute the attached poster.

RMT Executive Statement On Claims For Olympic Period

The RMT Executive through the General Grades Committee has issued the following statement and poster for notice boards to reiterate and clarify the RMT's position on members entitlements for the Olympic period.

“We reiterate our stance that all grades of transport employees are entitled to a decent financial reward for their efforts transporting huge numbers of passengers during the Olympics and are entitled to take leave during the summer, and that working conditions and important agreements should not and need not be attacked in order to facilitate Olympic running.”

Olympic payments for cleaners meeting

There will be a meeting for all cleaners and supporters Tursday 8th of March from 18:30 hours in the 12 Pins Pub, Finsbury Park.

This meeting will discuss the abject failure of the cleaning companies to properly reward and accept the higher workloads for cleaners on LU during the Olympic period. All members welcome.