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RMT and DLR Cleaning Contractor Reach Recognition Agreement

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note that Carlisle Cleaning Services has agreed to recognise RMT as the sole trade union representing all hourly-paid cleaning employees, and ratify the recognition agreement contained in the file. We congratulate our Regional Organiser and DLR branch in achieving this. We instruct the General Secretary to include a report in RMT News and to send a personal letter by post to all our members on this contract explaining what recognition entails and enclosing a membership form so that they can encourage their workmates to join.

RMT Demands Network Rail Investigation Into Strike-breaking Operation At St Pancras Eurostar Cleaning Company

RAIL UNION RMT today demanded an urgent Network Rail investigation into claims passed to the union by staff that the company at the heart of the St Pancras/Eurostar cleaners poverty pay dispute, Initial, is allegedly planning to utilise an “in house” agency to break the strike which is using Bulgarian and Romanian workers registered as self-employed with limited company status to avoid basic UK employment rights and to get round the agency worker regulations.

RMT Campaign Achieves Major Pay Victory For OCS Eurostar Cleaners

RAIL UNION RMT today announced the end a pay dispute involving OCS cleaners working on the Eurostar contract after a new deal secured the union’s interim objective of getting all staff onto a minimum rate of £8 per hour by the autumn of this year.

A series of incremental increases under the package will say the minimum rate of pay rise from £7.40 an hour to £8.00 per hour by November - an increase of around 8% on the basic.

RMT Demands Fresh Pay Talks As Eurostar Cleaners Vote To Strike

STRIKES BY some 150 cleaners on three contracts across the Channel tunnel network have come a step closer after RMT members voted by overwhelming margins for industrial action in a bid to raise appallingly low pay levels.

The union has demanded fresh talks with subcontracting employers OCS and Initial after workers on the OCS Eurostar contract and Initial’s Eurostar and the Network Rail Channel tunnel rail link contracts endorsed action with only two votes cast against.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said:

RMT Sets Reduced-Rate Subscription for Initial Cleaners and Sodexho Canteen Staff

Canteen rep Petrit Mihaj

RMT has agreed reduced-rate subscriptions of £1 per week for workers at Initial Cleaners and Sodexho canteens in London Transport. This reduced rate is part of our organising campaign to achieve recognition in these two companies, and will be reviewed in 12 months' time.