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Cleaners Demonstration At TfL Head Office

Cleaning industry Bosses at Initial, one of the biggest companies on London Underground are asking low paid Cleaners to pay for the London Living Wage (LLW) with the removal of promotional opportunities by trying to get rid of the Supervisor Grades this way ensuring Cleaners cannot get any improvement in their conditions by having some hope of moving from the lowest grade in our industry.

Boris Johnson Must Take Action As Cleaners Are Sacked By Tube Contractor To Fund London Living Wage

TUBE UNION RMT has today written to London Mayor Boris Johnson after it emerged that tube cleaning contractors Initial are planning to sack staff in order to fund the costs of paying their workers the London Living Wage.

In their “Business Case” document, Initial say that as a cost saving measure brought on by “the recent increase in London Living Wage from £7.85 to £8.30” Initial are proposing to axe cleaners jobs to bridge the gap.

Let Marciano Stay!

Click here and PLEASE add your name to this petition NOW. Railway cleaner and RMT member Marciano Flora faces deportation as soon as WEDNESDAY following a 'sting' by his employer (John Laing, which holds the contract for London Overground cleaning), who called him and others in to work then handed them over to immigration officers. Marciano has been in London for more than five years, lives with his family, and is settled here.

RMT Organises Cleaners to Win Better Pay and Conditions

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, that Initial is paying the London Living Wage to cleaners, but has not met any other demands in our pay and conditions claims. This leaves these cleaners among the most exploited workers in London, working for disgracefully low pay, and without the sick pay, pensions and other benefits enjoyed by other workers.

Pay Update

Update: London Underground has revised its offer to four years: 5% this year, RPI+0.5% (minimum 2%) for years 2, 3 and 4.

RMT workplace representatives will be discussing this at a meeting on Tuesday 4 October.You work hard, your employer makes money from your efforts, and you have bills to pay. So your union organises members to win better pay and working conditions. RMT aims to achieve:

  • above-inflation pay rises - anything else is a pay cut in real terms, as your outgoings increase faster than your income;

RMT Calls for Better Pay for Initial Cleaners

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, that Initial intends to increase the pay of cleaners on its London Underground contract in line with the London Living Wage, to £8.30 per hour, as it is contractually bound to do. The company has not yet advised us of its intended pay rise for supervisor, and has rejected every other element of our pay and conditions claim.

Cleaners Force John Laing To Recognise RMT On London Overground Contract

RMT CLEANERS have forced contractor John Laing Integrated Services to recognise the union on London Overground following an organising campaign that has seen the vast majority of the workforce join the union since the end of March.

A ballot carried out under Central Arbitration Committee rules after the firm refused to enter into a voluntary agreement returned a six-to-one vote to give RMT bargaining rights for the staff, who work from depots at Acton, Gospel Oak, New Cross Gate and Willesden.

RMT Organises Workers in Carlisle Cleaning and Support Services

RMT's General Grades Committee has agreed a detailed campaign to organise workers in Carlisle Cleaning and Support Services. This is a national campaign, which will initially start outside our Region. However, it is relevant to our Region, as Carlisle holds contracts in London Transport, including TfL/LU secruity staff and Docklands Light Railway cleaners.

Here is the full GGC decision:

Recognition, Carlisle Cleaning and Support Services (all contracts)

Circular from Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary ...

Earlier this year I wrote to Carlisle Cleaning & Support Services expressing my utmost concern over the company’s assertion that the RMT only had direct bargaining and recognition rights for three Carlisle Cleaning and Support Contracts, namely Eurostar, London Midland and Alstom/West Coast.