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RMT Cleaners are taking on going industrial action as part of the ongoing struggle for a London wage, proper pension and benefits anddignity in work as just reward for the hard work they endure on very little money as they clean up after millions of people using public transport each day in London.

The RMT has long campaigned for better pay and conditions for cleaners and other low paid workers in the transport industry.

As part of this struggle we have launched an online campaign with LabourStart. This is a great way for all members and the general public to support us in getting the cleaners better pay.

Cleaners - join the RMT

RMT have been pushing to increase membership across cleaner grades in London Transport and organising with you so that we can fight for and secure decent pa and conditions. Industrial action is taking place when the world will be watching, protests will be organised to show the world how some employers are treating their workers and the union and its representatives will be there to support and aide members who are having problems at work.

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Cleaner members at Initial can join the RMT for one pound a week. This reduced rate is part of our organising campaign to achieve recognition in these two companies, and will be reviewed in 12 months' time.

Campaigning For Cleaners

London Transport cleaners deserve decent wagess, but they are getting neither. RMT is balloting cleaners on three contracts for industrial action -- ISS and Initial on London Underground, and Carlisle on the Docklands Light Railway. We need your support to tell the Mayor of London to ensure that the workers who will clean up after London 2012's millions of residents and visitors are not frozen out of a decent reward.

Over 5000 people have joined our campaign to support London Transport cleaners' struggle for a London Living Wage. The petition is now closed, but you can view the Labour Start Campaign here.

Industrial Action

Transport union RMT said today that tube cleaners working for Initial and ISS will strike again this week in their fight for fair pay and Olympics recognition and reward.

Following rock-solid action around the opening weekend of the Games members are now instructed not to book on for any shifts that commence between:-

05:30 hours on Thursday 9th August 2012 and 05:29 hours on Saturday 11th August 2012.
RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said;

"With the eyes of the world on the London Olympics the many millions enjoying the events around the globe must not forget the London transport cleaners on minimum pay rates doing some of the dirtiest jobs in often appalling conditions with no Olympics recognition and reward whatsoever.

“It is these same staff who have played a key role in keeping services clean and safe who are now forced again by their employers to take action for a living wage and recognition of their Olympics efforts.

"The Olympics has to be about equality, inclusiveness and social justice and that's what our cleaners are standing up for as the spotlight shines on London. Instead of forcing our members back out onto the picket lines these profitable companies should be round the table with us negotiating a fair deal for the cleaners."

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