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RMT exposes full scale of London Overground ticket office closures

On eve of day of action RMT exposes full scale of London ticket office closures

RAIL UNION RMT has released a full list today of London Overground’s plans to cut hours at 45 stations to the bare minimum and close the ticket offices altogether at Brondesbury, White Hart Lane and West Hampstead.

STM industrial action update


That we note the correspondence on file regarding a sizable number of our affected members being on annual leave resulting in a request from their representative requesting the 3 day strike set to beginning next Monday be suspended.

Accordingly; we suspend the coming strike action and instruct all members to work normally between 13:30 hrs Monday 23rd September to 23:30hrs on Wednesday 25th September 2019.

Meeting called over Met Line withdrawal of canteen facilities


That we note the report from our Lead Officer and the correspondence from the company declining to address our concerns and requirements in any way whatsoever.
The position of the company now confirmed in writing regarding their removal of and intention to not provide replacement canteen facilities or arrangements for our driver members sets a precedent which is unacceptable, and a threat to all our driver members on the LU combine.

RMT pushes for CLESHARS members terms and conditions to be standardised

We note the report from our Lead Officer regarding the discussion paper aimed at standardising terms & conditions and creating a grading structure for our Cleshars members, which is based on the principles contained in the LUL Signals Framework Agreement.

We congratulate the Lead Officer, Negotiations Team & our LU Engineering Branch and place the matter in our Southern Sub-committee for examination and report.

LU Engineering Branch and the London Regional Council to be advised.

RMT deeply concerned by Overground proposals

We note the report from the Lead Officer on file.

We are deeply concerned about London Overground’s proposals, which could see the elimination of ticket offices across their network. Our experience in the past shows that, despite promises to the contrary, the closure of ticket offices leads to the wholesale destaffing of stations with serious consequences for safety and security.

We are also aware that these proposals are being mapped out against the background of massive central Government cuts to the TFL budget and those cuts could shape the eventual package.

Night Tube and London Overground

On 15 September, TfL announced a restructuring of London Overground to reduce staff, close ticket offices, and run overnight service. This is on top of plans already afoot to withdraw Overground staff from Underground stations outside weekday peak hours.

These proposals will obviously have an impact on London Underground stations which interchange with London Overground, so RMT is insisting to LUL that it tells the union the details and discusses potential issues. Make sure that you talk to your RMT rep or go to your branch meeting to voice your concerns.