RMT Opens Extended Education Centre And Pledges To Train Hundreds Of New Militants Every Year

TRANSPORT UNION RMT today opened an extension to its national education centre in Doncaster with a pledge from General Secretary Bob Crow that the organisation is embarking on a programme designed to educate and tool up hundreds of militant reps every year to take on the industrial and political battles ahead.

The extension of the centre, formally opened by TUC General Secretary-elect Frances O’Grady today, will add important new capacity to the already-thriving Doncaster facility, enabling the union to expand its education programme and put hundreds of extra activists through the courses they need to become effective and successful workplace reps.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“RMT is not only opening expanded education facilities today but is also sending a warning to both the boss class and the political class that this trade union is building for the future with plans to train up and tool up hundreds of new militant activists who will drive the RMT’s brand of industrial trade unionism deep into workplaces the length and breadth of the land.

“RMT has taken the decision to invest heavily in training and education as the building block for the future which will see this organisation expand and build in the teeth of the relentless assault on jobs and working and conditions unleashed under the umbrella of “austerity.”

“RMT is taking the tried and tested union slogan “Agitate, Educate, Organise” and placing it in the most modern and well-equipped facilities at our expanded Doncaster centre as we look to the future and learn from the past.”

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