Tory Spotting T-Shirts For Sale

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For the Oct 20th demo RMT young members in conjunction with our friends at Sabcat designed and produced special edition T-shirts with the iconic figure of Nye Bevin with quote- “No attempt at ethical or social seduction can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party. So far as I am “concerned they are lower than vermin” on the back. With the now famous Tory spotting image with Tory #4 Ed Miliband on the front.

The special edition t-shirts will remain limited but due to the impact and subsequent interest we asked Sabcat to print more Tory Spotting t-shirts.

Whether you wish to pressure the Labour party to go back to its roots and work on the behalf of workers or wish for a new party to be formed this t-shirt is the one for you.

‘Tory Spotting ’ t-shirts are now available for purchase for £10 all profits to go to supporting RMT young members organise and agitate. Email for more details-

Available in the following sizes:
Small- chest 31-32 inches
Medium- chest 35-36 inches
Large- chest 36-37 inches

Small- chest 34 inches
Medium- chest 38 inches
Large- chest 39 inches
Xl; XXL; XXL sizes available from the RMT Webshop

Sizes are a guide and may vary slightly

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