Defending jobs

Opposing cuts in staffing levels and jobs

Hands across the pond - support for our strikes from New York

Support was given to our tube strikes from New York.
Our Regional Organiser and family are on hols in USA and took time out to visit transport workers across the pond.
The transport workers send messages of support and solidarity to the RMT members taking strike action next week.
Steve Downs chair of the now world famous TWU local 100 offers support for our action.

RMT Calls Meeting Over Dismissal of Interserve Members


A resolution has been received from Finsbury Park Branch which is as follows: -

“Finsbury Park Branch calls on the General Secretary to conduct a ballot for industrial action among our Interserve cleaning members on LUL to deal with systematic deductions of pay from our members and routine harassment and dismissal of our members.”

NIght tube Q&A for Service Control

Night Tube Q&A for Service Control:

Q. Why does Night Tube affect Service Control?
A. Night Tube will involve more night shifts, more work and responsibility on those night shifts and more anti-social working paterns.

Q. Haven't London Underground addressed these issues by giving extra staff on affected lines?
A. Some lines have been given extra staff to deal with Night Tube. This is because they have to provide extra staff for Meal Relief. Normally Meal Relief's are to be taken after the close of traffic. Now that is not an option.

Fixed term contract? Why you shoud strike

LU has been looking for a formula to weaken the trades unions for years. They hoped the development of the SRT would have a negative effect on stations , but the buggers kept joining the RMT.
When the unions rightly forced management to address the gender imbalance among drivers, LU thought that by advertising in Cosmopolitan, etc, they'd get a nice passive workforce in heels & Laura Ashley skirts.
Nope - the buggers joined trade unions.

Fixed term contract CSA`s - Fight for your future!

Questions and answers for fixed-term contract CSAs about the upcoming strike ballots

Q: What are RMT's upcoming ballots?

RMT is launching two ballots for industrial action. One ballot, which covers all grades of LU staff, is for industrial action in our campaign for a decent pay settlement and proper compensation for moving to 24-hour running ("Night Tube"). The other three Tube unions, ASLEF, TSSA, and Unite, will also be balloting their members on these issues and we are working towards coordinated action.

RMT London Calling Newsletter - May/June 2015

Latest edition of RMT London Calling
Please download, print display and distribute around your work place.
Hard copies available from Unity House

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Fixed-term contract CSAs: Know your rights!

Latest advice on the review and appeal process for station staff relocation

Winning at Thales, strikes due on DLR

Night Tube provocation - local roster consultation

Justice for cleaners!

Thales RMT members at Waterloo&Palestra - Reasons to VOTE YES

Reasons to vote 'YES' in the forthcoming ballot:

NO COMPULSORY REDUNDANCIES: There are vacancies and positions available, so let's fill them with people that are at risk. We believe that there is no need for these people to be worried about losing their jobs and Thales should end their at risk status NOW.

If it can happen to them, it can happen to YOU.