East Ham branch

Includes London Underground station staff from Embankment eastwards, drivers at Upminster and Barking, revenue control based at Whitechapel, and service control at Upminster

London Transport Regional Council

Th next meeting of the London Transport Regional Council will be on Thursday 24 September 1630-1830

Please try and attend and make sure your own branch is represented at this important organising meeting.

There will be reports from the Counil of Executive member John Reid and from the Regional Organiser John Leach.

Station Staff Balloted In Noel Roberts Reinstatement Fightback


Further to my previous Circular (IR/070/15, 12th March 2015), members will be aware that preparations were underway to conduct a ballot for industrial action of all Station Grades members at East Ham, Tower Hill and Embankment over the unfair dismissal of Brother Noel Roberts.

Special cleaners members meeting- June 10 BlueEyed Maid 1500


ISS/Interserve/AGS contracts

Special grades meeting on Wednesday June 10th

Blue Eyed Maid at 1500

Borough High St

London SE1

nearest station London Bridge/Borough

All members welcome, we want to hear your views and have your feedback on the disputes we have currently on LUL contracts.
The Council of Executive member and the Regional Organiser will be there to hear your views.

Update: Noel Roberts

All members of East Ham Branch are encourage to attend the next meeting, which will take place on Thursday 4th June at 16:45 at The Spotted Dog in Barking.
The General Grades Committee has received advice from our legal department that there may be some issues with the ballot for Noel Roberts. This is a symptom of the disgraceful anti-Trade Union laws we are dictated by.

RMT Fights Against Rainbow Process As Fit For Work Member Sacked


Further to my previous Circular (IR/100/15, 16th April 2015), a resolution regarding this matter has been received from the London Transport Regional Council, which notes the recent dismissal of Noel Roberts whilst fit and at work. This amounts to a capability/rainbow dismissal which is not a recognised nor agreed procedure with our Union and leaves all LUL members vulnerable to being sacked whilst fit and at work.

Noel Roberts Sacking: East Ham Branch Stations To Be Balloted For Strike

As members will be aware (Circular No. IR/022/15, 21st January 2015), RMT is currently conducting a campaign against the unfair dismissal of Brother Noel Roberts from London Underground and a further resolution has recently been received from East Ham Branch in relation to this matter, which is as follows:-