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Blog: Bakerloo Line branch of the RMT calls for radical socialist policies to confront climate change

The Bakerloo Line branch of the RMT has called for radical socialist policies to confront climate change. The branch discussed the issue in the context of a growing movement of direct-action activity around climate change, including some in and around London Underground workplaces, and passed a resolution. We publish the text of the resolution below, as part of ongoing efforts to build dialogue and solidarity between trade unions and the radical climate movement.

London Transport Region backs 'stop the incinerator' legal fund

At November’s LTRC meeting, branches in attendance overwhelmingly agreed to contribute £250 towards Shasha Khan’s legal costs as a consequence of his campaign to stop the installation of Sutton/Croydon borough’s proposed incinerator.

Many may ask, why is this even significant to the trade union movement and indeed RMT union?

Blog: RMT branches exposes frackers' abuses of workers' rights

By Daniel Randall, LTRC Green Officer

RMT branches across the country are already discussing, and passing, policy on environmental issues. Some months ago, Brighton and Hove City RMT submitted a motion to their local Trades Council about "fracking" (hydraulic fracturing, a means of extracting gas by drilling into the earth) taking place in their area.

It shows how environmentally unsustainable processes are often accompanied by abuses of workers' rights, and a cavalier attitude to health and safety.

RMT Regional Council August 2013: Motions

Justice For The 33
"This region calls on the national executive to enact the request for a ballot for industrial action regarding the issue of casualisation of labour on LUL and the re -instatement of the workers known as the J33 into permanent positions". Finsbury Park

Driverless Trains
We are dismayed to learn that on July 4th London Mayor Boris Johnson again called for driverless trains to be introduced on the Underground. He informed the media that LUL will never again order trains with driver’s cabs.

Sign this e-Petition - Scrappage Scheme for London Taxis

Please click here to add your name to RMT's petition to the government to introduce a scrappage scheme for London taxis.

The Mayor has recently imposed a 15-year age limit on London taxis, but without a scrappage scheme (similar to that introduced by the last government for private cars), many drivers will not be able to afford to replace aged vehicles with newer, less polluting ones. A scrappage scheme will benefit London's air quality and London's taxi drivers, many of whom are RMT members.

Taxi Emissions

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the correspondence from the London Taxi Branch regarding the 15 year vehicle age limit to be imposed on the London Taxi trade as part of proposals to reduce vehicle. We note that there is a conversion kit available for buses that allow them to become compliant with EURO 4 emissions regulations and have been made aware that such a conversion kit could be made available for the older black cabs.