Read the latest information from the RMT about our response and organising during the Coronavirus crisis.

RMT members have been working flat out to keep the Tube running

To RMT members in London Transport Region from Regional Organiser John Leach and NEC rep Jared Wood

Dear Colleagues

It goes without saying that everyone in the country and the world are living through the pandemic, but this message is specifically for RMT members in the London Transport region.

Since the crisis unfolded, RMT members have been working flat out 24/7 to keep the tube running and, through the union, to keep the job safe and ourselves healthy.

Government call ‎to reinstate a full Tube service is grossly irresponsible

RMT slams grossly irresponsible "business as usual" lines from government on London Underground

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

"At a time when we are trying to encourage people to stay away from the tube so we can concentrate on moving essential workers the government call ‎to reinstate a full service is grossly irresponsible as it suggests it's business as usual. That flies in the face of everything they have said about staying at home.

Coronavirus: Trains Safety Council Update

Covid-19 crisis update
Today the RMT THSC took part in a conference call with LU to discuss the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and
measures that were being put in place to reduce risk to all parties.

In response to this crisis emergency timetables are now in place so as to allow key workers to get around. This plan has clearly not worked with trains, especially early in the morning, carrying large amounts of people making social distancing impossible.

Urgent notice: Letters from Management

RMT London Transport Regional Council Disabled Members Covid-19 Bulletin no.2

also attached as PDF and Word files

A reminder:

TfL and London Underground Ltd have confirmed that if you are staying away from work in line with government health advice, the company supports you in doing that and you will not lose pay or suffer any detriment.

This includes staying away from work if:

Delivery of RMT Services during the Global Health Crisis

Dear colleagues,

The RMT continues to be committed to providing its full range of services and benefits to our members. In response to the global health crisis it has been necessary to make some difficult decisions regarding the delivery of the service in order to protect our members, lay officials, staff and officers.

Following the meeting of the National Executive Committee on 17th March 2020, the broad approach to the measures we will be implementing was outlined in Circular No. MF/27/20 distributed on 17th March 2020 and is available to members online.

National Executive Committee sets out measures to be taken during Coronavirus crisis

17th March 2020 

Dear Colleague,

Covid 19 - RMT Update 
With reference to the above, a Special Meeting of the NEC was convened today and the following decisions have been made which I will ask that you read carefully. I can also advise that the attached list of key concerns have been relayed to the government following a telephone conference with government officials and I will also keep you advised of developments in this area. 

Covid 19 - We will provide an essential service but we must be protected & respected

ABM Cleaners Victory

Winning sick pay at the full shift rate for ABM cleaners isolating or sick with Covid 19 is an important safeguard for those members and for everyone working on our tube network. But there are other sub-contractors and self-employed workers working on the tube network and they need the same protection.

When RMT met LUL directors on 16/3/20 we put a number of demands to them. This included the need for sick pay for cleaners but also many other points.