Resolutions for the Executive from Young Members Conference 2013

Resolutions were sent from branches to the young members conference 2013. Where they were debated and voted on. The following were passed and are to be sent to the executive.

Resolution 1)
no title (re: Mentoring and shadowing)
This Union recognises that there is still more work to do, to assist our comrades within our equality networks to participate and become involved with shaping the union. Young members are fundamental to the future of our union. The experience they gain mobilise a fresh approach to our strategies and organisation.

Young Members AGM Resolutions 2013

The following resolutions were sent to the young members conference 2013 by branches and passed by the young member delegates.
These two resolutions are to be sent to the RMT Annual General Meeting.

Resolution1) No title (re: A Young members fund)
This conference notes that there is a large amount of surplus money sitting in Branch Management Funds that just gets increases every year.

This money is meant to be spent on activities so we believe that 10% of this surplus money should be put into a development fund for young members to be nominated around the beginning of October.