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Report part 3: ETF Women's Committee meeting, October 2014 - Country and Sector reports

Country Reports


From 2007, the socialist government introduced equality legislation and a framework to demand action against sexism and harassment. But since then, the situation has been worsened by economic crisis, with equalities driven off the agenda, curbs on collective bargaining, crèches closed, and equality plans dropped.

There has been a “dualisation of the labour market”, a split between secure workers and precarious workers, who are harder to unionise.

ETF Women's Committee - Campaigns and Other Business

More from the ETF Women's Committee meeting on 19-20 March 2014

  • Women's Health and Safety at Work
  • Violence Against Women
  • International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) report
  • Women's representation
  • Membership questionnaire
  • Training package
  • European TUC report
  • Rule changes
  • Study on discrimination
  • Next meeting

    Women's Health and Safety at Work

  • ETF Women's Committee: section and country reports

    The ETF Women's Committee meeting on 19-20 March 2014 heard the following reports:


    Civil aviation
    Unions are campaigning for a non-punitive reporting system, and demanding consistency of workplace rules across all grades, from cabin crew (female-dominated) to pilots (male-dominated).


    • Working in ports is very ‘women-unfriendly’. The unions are raising two main issues: the recruitment of women to port jobs; and improving working conditions for women.

    Report: European Parliament Public Hearing on Work-Life Balance and Gender Equality

    On Wednesday 18 March, the ETF Women’s Committee attended a public hearing on Work-Life Balance and Gender Equality, held by the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality. Click this link for event information, including some of the speakers' presentations. The afternoon was divided into two sessions, each addressed by a panel of speakers followed by a question-and-answer session.

    RMT Protests At Lithuanian Embassy Against Anti Gay Law Proposals

    The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) and African LGBT Out and Proud Diamond Group protesting outside the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania - 27th Nov 2013.

    The RMT is alarmed by reports of rising hostility towards Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) rights in Lithuania, and of attempts to introduce proposals to Parliament that attack the rights of Lithuania’s LGBT citizens.

    We strongly oppose the proposals to:

    • ban gender reassignment
    • give legal protection to ‘criticism of homosexuality’ ie. anti-LGBT speech

    Huber Ballesteros – Help Needed To Secure His Release From Detention

    From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

    Huber Ballesteros is a high-profile Colombian trade union leader. He sits on the Executive Committee of Central Unitaria de Trabajdores de Colombia (CUT is Colombia's largest trade union federation) as well as being Vice President of FENSUAGRO Agricultural Workers' Union.

    In an attempt to intimidate him into silence and inactivity, Huber was recently arrested and remains in detention. He must be promptly released, though even when that does occur, he – together with his family and his fellow trade unionists – will remain in danger.

    Women (and men) workers in Finland's transport industry

    On the first day of the ETF Women's Committee meeting, several Finnish transport trade unionists attended as guests, including women from the logistics, shipping, rail and salaried sectors. We also had a presentation from Tapio Bergholm, who has written a history of Finnish transport workers. The Finnish member of the ETF Women's Committee is Satu, from the Finnish Seamen's Union, who was elected one of the two Vice-Chairs of the Committee.

    RMT To Join Hate Homophobia Love Russia Demo

    The RMT will be joining the 'Hate Homiphobia, Love Russia' demo; in protest of Russia's anti-gay laws, on September 3rd. All RMT members are invited to attend.

    Below is detail of the demo from the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

    Love Russia, Hate Homophobia - G20 Day of Action

    Join us Tuesday 3 September, two days before the G20 summit

    5-8pm, Downing Street, London SW1

    A Day of Action - Love Russia, Hate Homophobia - will be held in London on Tuesday 3 September, just two days before the G20 summit opens in St Petersburg, Russia, hosted by President Putin.

    Message Of Support To Transport Workers Union

    The Transport Worker's Union New York chapter - 'Local 100' - which primarily represents members in New York's subway system, has advised members to enter stations at caution speed. The TWU explain that their have been 150 'one-unders' - or 12-9's, an average of three per week, none of which have been the fault of the train driver. By entering the station at caution speed the union believes lives can be saved and drivers spared the trauma of being involved in an incident.

    The unions leaflet on the action is attached below

    World Aids Day 2012

    International Transport Federation recognises RMT union as the only union in the uk to play a role in activities centered around world aids day in its HIV AIDS bulliten dec 2012.

    Activists in the bakerloo branch received information, posters and stickers based on a campaign led by the ITF to get to zero in the month leading up to world aids day (1st dec 2012)

    “World AIDS Day this year is about being a ‘change agent: Getting to Zero’ – that is
    zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS related deaths.”