Attendance and discipline

Management's discipline and attendance policies - and the way they use them to mistreat staff

RMT To Pursue Joint Union Approach On LU Rainbow Attendance policy

We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd.

We instruct the General Secretary to obtain a report on the progress of this issue at LU Company Council, and to pursue the other unions for a response to our request for a joint approach.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

RMT Concerned By LU's Planned Social Media Policy

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, that London Underground has written to RMT notifying us of its new guidelines for social media use. Once again, LUL has failed to consult us over a policy which significantly affects our members, and only asks for our "questions" after the document is published, not our input whilst it is being drafted.

Nowhere Over The Rainbow

RMT is fighting against London underground's 'rainbow' procedure for sickness.

It seems an odd choice of name. Rainbows are caused when the sun shines through the rain. If you have a few rainy days, there may well be no sunshine from the bosses at LU - just the sack.

There are many scenarios where you could fall foul of the new procedure and potentially lose your job.

Here are a few:

  • You had a few odd days off sick and then needed to care for a sick family member.

London Underground 'Rainbow' Attendance Policy

We note the report from our representative on file, outlining how London Underground is implementing its Rainbow Attendance policy, the unfairness and detriment this is causing to our members, and advice to representatives. We endorse this report, and instruct the General Secretary to send it by post to all London Underground representatives.

All responses are to be placed on file, and further reports, correspondence and legal opinions are to be placed in front of us.

RMT Guidance On LUL Drugs & Alcohol Policy

Following abuses by management of the drug and alcohol procedure, your RMT reps on the Trains Funcional Council have produced the attached guidance document for your attention.


Following recent abuses of the D & A procedure on the Piccadilly Line were drivers
have been routinely tested following a SPAD and in one instance where a driver was
tested for taking a train out of service, agreement has been reached at the Trains
Functional Council on February 10 th 2012. The Trains Functional Council agreed that

RMT to Challenge Unfair Sick Pay Policy

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note that Sodexo stopped the occupational sick pay of our representative Petrit Mihaj, claiming that a clause in the contract of employment allows the company to withhold sick pay if an employee is under notice of or part of the disciplinary process.

We believe that this clause is deeply unfair, as it causes a detriment to an employee without him or her being found to have done anything wrong, or even to have been charged with doing anything wrong.

Branch News From Stratford 1


With 44 years service and only 13 working days until his retirement, Steve Hover, a respected and well-liked Loughton driver, was summoned to attend a Local Disciplinary Interview (LDI) for infringing LUL’s punitive sickness policy, and given a vindictive 23-week warning.

RMT to Prepare Possible Legal Challenge to LU 'Rainbow' Attendance Policy

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the legal advice received on this matter.

While we are disappointed that our advisers believe that there is no legal avenue to compel London Underground to allow trade union representatives to accompany members at Rainbow Attendance Review meetings, we welcome the advice that it may be possible to pursue legal claims arising from London Underground Ltd’s apparent unilateral change to its attendance policy.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to: