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RMT up front April edition. LU drivers - VOTE YES!

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Vote YES to stop the victimisations of LU drivers!
RMT has served notice to London Underground that we are balloting all drivers on the combine over the victimisations of Eamonn Lynch and Arwyn Thomas.
Since Eamonn’s and Arwyn’s dismissals last year train drivers on the Bakerloo Line and at Morden depots have taken two days strike action for their reinstatement.

August edition of RMT UP front

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Time to join the picket lines!

After months of talks, talks and more talks we have finally arrived at the point where our union is asking us to take industrial action in defence of jobs. This is not something that is asked lightly; but with a mandate for strike action from RMT members it is a question which can no longer be avoided and to which the answer must be emphatically in the affirmative!

'RMT Up Front': LU’s attack on station staffing levels is an attack on all grades

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London Underground has just announced their intention of slashing hundreds of station staff jobs. LU is looking to cut station numbers to the bare minimum at many locations.