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RMT Recommends Members Accept Alstom Pay Offer

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note the latest correspondence on file from the Company in relation to an improved pay and conditions offer, accordingly and in line with the Organiser’s report we instruct the General Secretary to put in place a referendum ballot with a recommendation to accept, with a closure date of November 29th 2011.

Relevant Branches and Regional Councils to be informed.

Future Pension Provision & Free Travel Facilities For Tube Lines Staff

As you will recall from my previous Circular (No LUL/15/10, 16th May 2011) I highlighted the disparity in regards to the terms and conditions of those employees who were TUPE transferred from Alstom Metro Trains, Stratford Market Depot, to Tube Lines (TL) compared to those former Metronet employees who have been fully integrated into LUL.

Alstom Workers Reject Below-Inflation Pay Offer

That we note the referendum result is as follows:-

Total votes cast 49
Number voting “Yes” 17
Number voting “No” 32
Spoilt Papers 0

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to inform the employer of our rejection of its below-inflation offer, to seek further talks, and to obtain a report from our Regional Organiser.

This matter to be placed back in front of us once the report is received and in the event of any developments.

London Transport Regional Council and relevant branches to be advised.

Pay Update

Update: London Underground has revised its offer to four years: 5% this year, RPI+0.5% (minimum 2%) for years 2, 3 and 4.

RMT workplace representatives will be discussing this at a meeting on Tuesday 4 October.You work hard, your employer makes money from your efforts, and you have bills to pay. So your union organises members to win better pay and working conditions. RMT aims to achieve:

  • above-inflation pay rises - anything else is a pay cut in real terms, as your outgoings increase faster than your income;

RMT Asks Members to Reject Alstom's Below-Inflation Pay Offer

General Grades Committee decision:

We note the latest offer from Alstom Metro Trains:
• year 1: 4% increase on basic pay
• year 2: 4% increase on basic pay
• up to £400 Olympic bonus
• proposals on travel costs and appraisal interviews

We note that this offer does not meet our claim or our members’ aspirations, as it:
• is below RPI for this year
• may well be below RPI for next year
• compares badly to other pay awards in the region

Pay & Conditions - Tube Lines (former Alstom, Stratford Market Depot)

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note the pay offer from Tube Lines for former Alstom staff at Stratford Market depot, and the report from our Regional Organiser. We accept our Regional Organiser’s recommendation that should the employer agree to proposed amendments to the wording of the offer, then it would be acceptable to us.

RMT Welcomes Return of Alstom Jubilee Contract to Public Ownership

RMT GGC adopted the following report:

We welcome the transfer of the train maintenance contract on London Underground’s Jubilee Line from the privately-owned Alstom to the publicly-owned Tube Lines. This comes at a time when the Jubilee Line is plagued by delays and disruptions, and illustrates that this union was right to campaign against the contracting-out of this work.

Regional Organiser's April Report

RMT rejects London Underground pay offer

This year we put in a joint pay claim with Unite and Tssa (aslef were asked to join us but declined.) RMT, TSSA and Unite are meeting on Thursday 28th April to discuss our next joint positions (once again
Aslef were invited but declined.) RMT formally rejected London Underground's pay offer which was a five year deal. A 4 percent pay deal this year when inflation is 5.5 percent and inflation plus 0.25 percent for the next four years. We will be seeking more talks on pay and I will keep you informed of all progress made.