Piccadilly and District West branch

Includes London Underground service control staff based at Earls Court, drivers based at Acton Town and Earls Court, and station staff on the western half of both the Piccadilly and District lines; plus CTS (ticket machine maintenance) and Carlisle Security staff.

The branch meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 4pm. All are welcome to our meeting and great food at O'Neills, Earls Court.

Breach of Disciplinary Procedures - Drivers Piccadilly Line - LUL

From RMT official circular IR/97/09, dated 19th March 2009

I write to confirm the final arrangements for the above ballot. The ballot papers were sent out on 19th March 2009 and the new closing date is Friday 27th March 2009.

Please note that that due to legal reasons Arnos Grove and Acton Town will be balloted separately however, it remains a single dispute

I urge RMT Drivers on the Piccadilly Line to return their ballot papers in the envelopes provided upon receiving them, to show management that the Union and our members will not be trampled on.

Yours Sincerely

Resolution: RMT Know Your Rights Guide - New and Expectant Mothers

This resolution, submitted by Piccadilly & District West Branch, was passed unanimously by RMT Women's Conference 2009.

That this Conference believes that employers routinely abuse the rights of pregnant workers.

We welcome the decision of this Union to produce a ‘Know your rights’ guide for pregnant and expectant mothers as suggested by our women members BUT are very disappointed that it has not yet been produced!

We trust that the RMT will be producing this guide as soon as possible!

Piccadilly Line Drivers Ballot for Action

From RMT head office circular No. IR/70/09, dated 5th March 2009


In view of the ongoing concerns we have with regard to abuses of the disciplinary procedures on the Piccadilly Line, the ballot of Train Operators will go ahead as we are still in dispute.

For legal reasons two separate ballots will be held, one for Arnos Grove Ash House and the other for Acton Town Bollo House.

The ballot papers will be sent out to members on 10th March 2009 and the closing date will be 25th March 2009.

Bus Reps Course, 26-27th Feb 2009

A two day Bus Reps course took place in central London on thursday 26th and friday 27th february 2009. It was well attended by very enthusiastic and motivated volunteers. The course will help them to assist fellow members at their workplaces. If you are an RMT London Busworker and are interested in going on a course, please contact your branch secretary. If you are not sure about who to contact, you can find the information on the RMT website or call the RMT freephone helpline 0800 376 3706.

Piccadilly & District West Branch

RMT, Piccadilly & District West Branch will be meeting at O’Neills pub near Earls Court from March 2009. Next meeting is 18th March.

Branch meets on 3rd Wednesday of every month at 16:00hrs.

To get to O’Neills, come out of Earls Court Station on the Earls Court Road side and turn right. O’ Neills will be the first pub you come to, a few minutes walk from the station at 326 Earls Court Road, Kensington, London, SW5 9BQ.

STILL NO JUSTICE - Appeal sends Zak Khan to stations

The result of Zak Khan’s twice postponed appeal was finally given at a meeting on Thursday 12th February: the company decided to re-employ Zak as a CSA at Waterloo station with a 52-week suspended dismissal still hanging over his head and to take away his licence. With the company still around 120 drivers over establishment across the combine this is a heavy financial punishment with little chance of him returning as a driver after 52 weeks. Also the slightest mistake on the stations within the next 52 weeks could see Zak thrown to the wolves again.

Zak Khan's Appeal Decision Deferred

Arnos Grove driver, Zak Khan, harshly sacked last month after having a SPAD last October, has had his appeal decision deferred, not once, but twice. At his appeal hearing on 3rd February, Zak’s rep, Dean O’Hanlon, pointed out the many points which the original disciplinary panel skipped over, along with new evidence, and made a strong case for Zak’s reinstatement. Appeal Chairman, Nick Shaw, listened to the points made, before announcing that he was not going to make his decision immediately; the appeal would now be reconvened at 1530 on Friday 6th February.

Zak Sacked: Rule by fear is the new management policy

It was with shock and anger that we heard the news that Arnos Grove train operator, Zak Khan, had been summarily dismissed (sacked with no notice) at a Company Disciplinary Interview (CDI) on 16th January. Zak had been referred to the CDI for an aggravated SPAD which took place on 24th October last year. Arnos Grove News has seen the case against Zak and believes that his summary dismissal is grossly unfair.

Piccadilly Line: Vote YES to support Zak Khan

Arnos Grove train operator, Zak Khan, was summarily dismissed at a Company Disciplinary Interview held on 16th January. His sacking was grossly unjust; it is also the latest attempt by an increasingly militant management to create a climate of fear in our workplace. We need to put a stop to this - it's time for action.

Read about how the company stitched up Zak and about the fight for justice - and Zak's reinstatement - in the attached newsletter.

Bus Workers' Committee

We are seeking nominations for RMT's new Bus Worker grades committee - Secretary, Chair, Vice Secretary and Vice Chair - to serve only until bus workers can elect these officers at a mass meeting.

Nominations should be received from the branches concerned by November's Regional Council date of 27th November.