Piccadilly and District West branch

Includes London Underground service control staff based at Earls Court, drivers based at Acton Town and Earls Court, and station staff on the western half of both the Piccadilly and District lines; plus CTS (ticket machine maintenance) and Carlisle Security staff.

The branch meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 4pm. All are welcome to our meeting and great food at O'Neills, Earls Court.

Urgent meeting called over 'unacceptable treatment of our Night Tube members'


That we note the resolution from our Piccadilly & District West Branch regarding the unacceptable treatment of our Night Tube Members.

We instruct the General Secretary to arrange an urgent meeting of our Night Tube IR and H&S Representatives, Piccadilly & District West Branch Officers, the Lead Officer, Senior Assistant General Secretary and members of the NEC in attendance.

Members to be advised by email and text.

More Transformation Announced

On Monday 18th March, RMT reps from several Functional Councils (MATS, Service Control, Engineering, Fleet) were told that plans for further reorganisation on London Underground would begin on Monday 25th March. We were not given any further information until yesterday (21st March) when we were invited to attend a large number of staff briefings in different areas of the company.

LU Pay Talks Update

The third day of London Underground pay talks took place yesterday (Wednesday 13th March). RMT Regional Organiser, John Leach, attended with reps from the seven Functional Councils RMT has recognition on. The company had previously asked us to remove a number of items from our pay claim before they would make us a financial offer. We refused this request and returned yesterday to continue to engage in meaningful talks with the company. There were discussions about improving staff travel facilities and also around our demand for a 32 hour, 4 day working week.

Piccadilly Line strike announced



Further to previous correspondence, all Piccadilly Line Driver members are congratulated for the solid yes vote for both strike action and action short of a strike in this dispute. Following special Branch meetings, the National Executive Committee has considered this matter and taken the decision to call on you and your colleagues to take strike action by not booking on for any shifts that commence between:-

It's a yes!


We congratulate our members and both Finsbury Park and Piccadilly & District Line West on a solid yes vote in this ballot.

The result for strike action is as follows:-
Number of members balloted: 420
Total votes cast 298 (71%)
Number voting “Yes” 285 (67.9% of members balloted)
Number voting “No” 13
Spoilt Papers 0

The 40% and 50% thresholds were both met.

TfL Pensions Fund Elections

TfL Pensions Fund Elections


Elections for the pensions Consultative committee


It’s that time again when there are elections for staff representatives to sit on the pensions committee to keep an eye on our money.


The voting paperwork is now out and the main thing is we need to get the right people on there with the experience and knowledge to look after our money in the proper way, and to keep an eye on what LUL and the government are trying to do with our fund.


LTRC Training - Anti Trade Union laws 25/5/17 - 1300-1500

London Transport Regional Council training day 25 May 1300-1500 at the 12 Pins Finsbury Park 

New anti Trade Union laws came into effect this year and we need to train our reps and activists in how the new laws will affect our ballot results. Equally important is how we organise to overcome the hurdles set by the Government.

The course will be held at 12 Pins, Finsbury Park on May 25 1300 - 1700

To secure a place please contact Eamonn Lynch, Janine Booth or Petrit Mihaj.