Camden no.3 branch

Includes London Underground station staff on the Northern half of the Northern line, drivers at East Finchley and Golders Green, service control staff at Cobourg Street, plus employees of CBS Outdoor

CBS Outdoor Members To Be Balloted For Strike Action Following Derisory Pay Offer

That we note the offer from CBS Outdoor of a 1.5% pay rise and a £500 Olympics bonus.

We support our Regional Organiser’s view that this offer is derisory and comes nowhere near meeting our aspirations. We therefore instruct the General Secretary to:

  • Immediately conduct a ballot of all our CBS Outdoor members for strike action andaction short of strike

RMT to Propose Confirmation of Bargaining Agreement with CBS Outdoor

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the report from our Regional Organiser. We instruct the General Secretary to arrange for the production of a draft bargaining agreement between RMT and CBS Outdoor which is based on current practice and is acceptable to our Regional Organiser. This draft to be placed in front of us before submission to the company.

RMT Reluctantly Accepts CBS Outdoor Pay Offer

That we note the pay offer from CBS Outdoor and the report from our Regional Organiser.

We accept the Regional Organiser’s view that the pay offer (1.3% backdated to April) is poor, but that we should reluctantly accept it. We note that there has also been some progress on working conditions: negotiations on a new roster pattern, new vans, and better training; and on the MMTA grade which management have now agreed to backdate for all staff qualified or unqualified (through lack of training) for six months.

Resolution on "General Strike"-Regional Council 26th May

Camden No 3-General Strike

This Region Urges the General Secretary discusses with other Union General Secretaries to organise and name a day for a one day General Strike to oppose public expenditure cuts and cuts in pensions

Update: Council of Executives decision in reponse to this resolution: "That we continue to pursue our policy of coordinated action."

Resolution: Fare Rises

This resolution, submitted by Camden 3 branch and seconded by Finsbury Park branch, was carried unanimously by the January 2011 Regional Council meeting:

This Regional Council believes the RMT should make the most of public anger around:

  • extortionate January fare rises (some prices doubled, others up 18%)
  • Oyster cards now £5
  • Abolishing intermediate zones travelcards

The campaign organised by the union should include: public leafletting, press releases, freedom of information requests on where Oyster incomplete journey charges go to, and investigating possible legal avenues for staff and passengers to pursue.

Result of Ballots for Industrial Action Against Victimisation of Arwyn Thomas

I write to advise branches that the ballot results have been received from the scrutineer and are detailed below for your information.

Morden Traincrew Depot

Are you prepared to strike action?

Votes Cast 59
Number Voting ‘Yes’ 30
Number Voting ‘No’ 29
Spoilt Papers 0

Are you prepared to take industrial action short of a strike?

Votes Cast 59
Number Voting ‘Yes’ 44

Resolution: Support for Ian Page, Onay Kasab and Jill Mountford

The Regional Council AGM passed the following resolution, composited from resolutions and amendments from Camden 3, Neasden and Stratford no.1 branches ...

This Regional Council applauds Bob Crow and those officials and members of RMT who have pledged their personal support to the Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition at the next general election.