Camden no.3 branch

Includes London Underground station staff on the Northern half of the Northern line, drivers at East Finchley and Golders Green, service control staff at Cobourg Street, plus employees of CBS Outdoor

Massive Support For RMT 'Every Job Matters' Tube Dispute

As the start of a 48 hour tube dispute approaches, we have received massive support for our upcoming action. The RMT and TSSA will be striking over job and pay cuts and the closure of ticket offices, vital for many including elderly and many disabled people. The strike action will continue for 48 hours from 9pm today (4th feb).

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Northern Line Incident 'Critical' As Trains Approach Each Other On Single Track Again

In the latest incident, which happened at 9.50 on Monday morning (22nd July), the driver was given a target speed and proceeded to depart Finchley Central from platform.

He was already in the process of stopping as he had seen another train heading towards him from Mill Hill East as the Line Control emergency call to stop came through.

The driver was forced to carry out a wrong directional move back to Finchley Central to allow the train from Mill Hill East to continue to Finchley Central, an emergency preventative move that could only be carried out by a driver up-front in the cab.

CBS Outdoor Bargaining Agreement

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, and note that our branch is discussing with our representatives a proposed draft bargaining agreement. In line with our Decision No.G309, 23 February 2012, the completed draft is to be placed in front of the GGC.

London Transport Regional Council and Camden 3 branch to be advised.

Further Strike Action As Tube Lines Members Continue Struggle For Fair Pension

We note the views of our representatives, and accordingly instruct our members to take strike action by not booking on for any duties starting on or after 06:00 on Friday 23 November, returning to duties starting on or after 06:00 on Saturday 24 November.

We instruct the General Secretary to send a personal letter by post to all members involved explaining this action and urging their full support, and to facilitate workplace visits by officers and representatives.

Northern Line Upgrade Training Information

Northern Line Training Latest from Trains Health And Safety Council

Local Reps met with Trains Health and Safety Council and Trains Functional Council representatives and RMT Head Office to formulate RMT concerns over training and delivery of any agreed training.

Training Course: That initial feedback be received in a positive manner to help improve and tailor the course to meet t/ops needs.

Scheduled for Tuesday 2nd Oct....... Update ASAP

Practical Training:

Cycle Hire Scheme 'Boris Bikes' Strike Suspended Following £500 Olympic Payment Offer

We note the report from our Regional Organiser and the unanimous view of our representatives that we should suspend the industrial action we have notified to start on Friday 27 July. Our campaigning has led to the company offering a £500 pounds Olympic bonus, and our representatives, branch and Organising Unit have drawn up a plan for recruiting new members and getting information to existing members. We further note that a members’ meeting will be held within two weeks.

RMT To Ballot “Boris Bikes” Operational Staff For Action Over Olympics Reward And Working Conditions

"Despite an increasing workload this summer as we head towards the Olympics the staff running the London cycle hire scheme are facing a bullying management who are imposing outrageous changes to conditions" - Bob Crow

TRANSPORT UNION RMT confirmed today that it is to ballot staff running the London “Boris Bike’s” for both strike action and action short of a strike over a range of grievances:

  1. Imposition of changes to working hours and shift patterns which have been unanimously rejected by our members.
  2. No offer of any financial reward for working during the Olympics, despite the big increased in workload and the Games’ organisers’ promotion of cycling during the event.
  3. The unfair and draconian attendance policy.