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Links to other websites of use or interest to RMT members in the London Transport region

No To Hate Crime Vigil

An annual 'Vigil Against Hate Crime' is due to take place on Friday 28th October, 7.30pm-9pm in Trafalgar Square.

A 2-minute silence to remember all victims of hate crime will be observed at 8pm across the UK.

No To Hate Crime said “We believe that it is important to actively remember the victims of hate crime, to show our support to those who have had their lives changed forever by acts of hate. To state clearly that hate crime is not acceptable in our communities and that we need to work together to tackle this problem.”

Egypt: Links to Information about Workers and the New Independent Trade Union Federation

Here are some links to information about Egyptian workers and the new independent union federation:

Stonewall Survey on Gay And Bisexual Men's Health

Stonewall is conducting a survey on the health needs of gay and bisexual men.

"This will be the largest ever survey of gay men’s health. We know quite a lot about gay men’s sexual health, but very little is known about the wider health needs of gay and bisexual men." Say Stonewall.

If you'd like to take part in the survey, click this link to go to Stonewall's website.

Links: Workers' and Trade Union Involvement in Egyptian Uprising

While the exciting events in Egypt make headline news, the mainstream media do not tell us much about workers' and trade union involvement. So I have compiled this selection of links:

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