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Write in with your work or union related query stating your employer, grade and line/location of work and we’ll ask the font of all trade union knowledge and give you a response in the next edition.

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Long extinct is the carrier pigeon and by the time snail mail arrives the issues have moved on – no offence to our postal comrades at CWU.

So don’t be shy contact us via e-mail with “dear comrade” in the subject line.

'No Sweat'

'No Sweat' is a campaign against sweatshop working conditions supported by RMT.

It organises in solidarity with sweatshop workers in Britain and around the world, helping to build strong union organisation.

No Sweat also campaigns to expose the way in which big name brands and high street stores exploit sweatshop labour to make profits, and organises fundraising, protest actions and speaker tours by trade unionists.

Visit their website by clicking here.