Cleaners Refute Reasons For ICS Compliance Checks And Claim Victimisation

ICS management has started the obnoxious compliance check. We all know very well that this is a vicious and calculated device to victimise cleaners for their union activities. Now more than half of the ICS staff are supplied by agencies and one need not be a genius to predict that the current exercise will effectively do our membership a great harm. Indubitably, relying on agency staff serves them perfectly well since they are the most vulnerable of all cleaners. The unwritten law: "Don't join RMT and dance to our tune" or else goodbye.

Most of us have received letters and the day for the presentation of our document is 5th of November. If there is anything the union could do about this morale-sapping issue, it must be done now.

Update: there has been no clear answer from ICS when one of our members questioned their procedures.