Conduct Of Members At Regional Council Meetings

A letter from the LTRC President Vaughan Thomas, also signed by Secretary John Reid and Treasurer Ross Marshall

A number of members have expressed concern at the general tone of the Regional Meetings over recent months. The Regional Officers share this concern and pledge to do all we can to develop a culture of comradeship and inclusiveness. In this way we hope we can encourage members, old and new, to come along to these meetings and express their opinions without fear of intimidation.

The LTRC meetings are often highly charged with many members speaking passionately about matters they care deeply about; it is to be expected that in such cases there will be disagreements. What should not be expected is that political disagreements should be allowed to become personal or abusive.

May we ask that when making a contribution to the debate that all members remain comradely in the way they present their arguments? Just because someone disagrees with you it doesn’t necessarily make them wrong; and even if they are wrong it doesn’t make them your enemy! We should start with the premise that everyone who attends the meeting does so because they want to improve the terms and conditions of our members. Our tactics may be different but our aims are surely the same?

In the London Transport Region we are fortunate to have some of the most talented and passionate people involved in the Labour movement anywhere in the country. This is evidenced by the high density levels of our membership and the conditions we have won, which are the envy of other industries and unions. But we would be much more effective if we could put aside our petty disagreements and concentrate on those things we have in common, on those things we do best - on fighting the employers not each other.

For the vast majority of the time, at the vast majority of our meetings the behaviour of delegates is commendable; but all this is ruined by thoughtless comments and uncomradely behaviour of a tiny minority. The Officers of the LTRC ask that all members strive to reflect the best aspects of our union, and of our movement, in the way they conduct themselves at all of our meetings.