Council of Executives Member's Report, 8/2/11
  • Taxis – 15-year age limits – see decision
  • Thales – election of reps on LT contract
  • DLR – awaiting outcome of legal appeal (held this week, but decision may not be given immediately); progress made in talks
  • Olympics – Regional Organiser to report to LTRC Exec
  • LU machinery of negotiation – more discussion required before accepting CMO machinery; outstanding issues on COO machinery tabled for Company Council – if no result there, then refer to ACAS
  • Victoria Line sensitive edge – membership information prepared for ballot; awaiting DLR appeal
  • Power Control Room and TACs – referendum result due tomorrow
  • TfL – redundancies in Internal Audit
  • have visited new reps’ class at WEA
  • I raised the issue of Egypt at a Council of Executives meeting
  • LU has replied to RMT’s enquiry about pay/lieu leave for the additional public holiday on April 29
  • LU job cuts – OSP now implemented; intend to propose boycott of enhanced AFM functionality; views welcome on ongoing ‘action short’; success in challenging discrimination against part-timers; others being displaced encouraged to appeal; phoneline for incidents; personal letter to station staff members from GS; need to update membership records; reviews progressing
  • LU pay – meeting held with TSSA and Unite to agree joint claim; to be discussed at Company Council
  • LU victimisations – Peter Hartshorn reinstated; Bakerloo and Morden & Oval branches considering more strikes for Eamonn and Arwyn; views welcome on possible escalation; LTRC public meeting 17/2/11; personal letter from GS to all members

Janine Booth, 8/2/11