Council of Executives Member's Report to LTRC Executive, August 2011
  • LU pay – revised offer (Y1 5%, Y2-4 RPI+0.25%, Y5 RPI+0.5%) to be discussed by GGC tomorrow (10/8) – recommendation to reject – letter to ASLEF urging joint response: no reply
  • CTS pay – 3% offer, feedback sought
  • Victimisations – Tunde Umanah, Jayesh Patel, Tony Rowntree – all still awaiting appeal outcome
  • Review of industrial disputes, LU – verbal report on progress to be given; input needed
  • LU Job Cuts – to be discussed by GGC tomorrow (10/8)
  • LU Command and Control Review – some replies received from LU, inadequate – reps’ meeting to take place
  • LU Service Control rostered rest days – outcome of Directors’ meeting: no changes to rest days
  • RMT/ TSSA merger – see decision; RMT team = Mick Cash, Alex Gordon, Malcolm Dunning, Owen Herbert (Micky Thompson reserve)
  • Requests for reduced (£1) rates for Initial Rentokil cleaners and Sodexho canteen workers – referred to Council of Executives’ Organisation, Training & Education Sub-Committee – decision expected in early September
  • LTRC resolutions (2010) on RMT website / ‘app’ – see decisions
  • Other AGM decisions – most referred to sub-committees – to be discussed again by Council of Executives in September
  • Olympics – Regional Organiser to report
  • Changes to T/Ops’ procedures eg. recategorisation of platforms, sensitive edge – Regional Organiser to report
  • GLA inquiry into TfL/LU customer service information – input sought

Janine Booth, 9 August 2001