Council of Executives Member's Report to Regional Council Executive

Victimisation of RMT reps

  • ballot now running
  • strike committee; - lots of publicity materials / organising work
  • Eamonn's tribunal decision made, but not delivered yet
  • research into public money spent
  • members' meeting 27 April to discuss action before making decision
  • coordinate with other unions
  • strike pay?
  • Tony Rowntree CDI

Regional Organiser

  • Steve now banned by LUL and TfL
  • see decision

Stations job cuts

  • various incidents eg. Putney Bridge - getting reports to press
  • Reviews not yet producing results, dragging out, time to assess progress
  • need to review our industrial action - amend 'action short', consider new strikes
  • more work needed to update stations membership database
  • more publicity materials needed around stations and other workplaces

Power Control Room / TACs

  • 100% Yes vote for strikes
  • -> new offer agreeing to all our demands but to be introduced over three years

LU: Withdrawal of Uniform Cleaning Vouchers

  • produced figures proving financial detriment
  • on agenda for Company Council, Thursday

LU Pay

  • LU to make offer at Company Council on Thursday
  • need publicity materials around workplace
  • should meet other unions again to discuss united approach

LU Service control

  • Management attempting to impose roster changes


  • referendum result due tomorrow

LU Victoria Line drivers’ dispute

  • ballot result due tomorrow
  • branch to advise on action short

Station staff reps’ numbers

  • need to table our own proposals; will then meet management

Stations Framework Agreement

  • Version 22a applies; ‘know your rights’ guide to be produced

OCP (Organisational Change Process)

  • TfL/LU want to change OCP to get rid of redeployment pool and make it easier and quicker to make redundancies


  • job cuts announced


  • 'salary sacrifice' pension


  • issues with new TIC rosters


  • Equality Act briefing
  • new regulations on retirement age
  • consultation with branches and regional councils on Disabled Members' Advisory Committee / Conference
  • increased delegation to TUC Black Workers' Conference
  • LGBT Conference, 13 May - deadline for delegates/resolutions extended to 29 April

Hammersmith & City

  • have asked for ballot of drivers re loss of posts at Hammersmith