Council of Executives report, 27 January
  • I have been appointed to the following Executive subcommittees - Equal Rights, Olympics, General Finance, Staffing, Health & Safety
  • RMT grades and equalities conferences will be taking place over the next few months - all branches, please send delegates and resolutions
  • Black & Ethnic Minority Members Advisory Committee has agreed to organise an anti-slavery event in September - series of talks on various aspects of past and modern slavery, followed by evening concert
  • Met with cleaners’ reps in Initial to agree strategy for ensuring machinery of negotiation is implemented; GGC has adopted a detailed organising plan for Carlisle cleaning and support services, which holds the cleaning contract for DLR
  • Power Control Room / TACs – LU offer on grade progression is unacceptable – referenda recommending rejection
  • Victoria Line drivers sensitive edge dispute – ballot for action short of strikes is currently being prepared
  • London Underground pay – claim has been drafted, and will be submitted tomorrow – final comments and ideas can be given at Regional Council meeting – RMT has written to other unions suggesting a common approach
  • Pointless meeting held with LU about the machinery of negotiation – will pursue our outstanding disagreements with the draft
  • The union is involved in several other disputes and campaigns around the country - if you would like to know more, please check the RMT website or email me
  • Please attend the TUC march against cuts on 26 March, and encourage all your workmates, friends and family to do so too
  • RMT is taking legal advice about the feeder rank system for taxis at Heathrow airport
  • Asbestos on Central Line (east end) – see decisions folder
  • Meeting to take place with LU about the Olympics; Regional Council Executive agreed to set up LTRC Olympics sub-committee
  • London Overground – offer accepted giving pay rise, hours cut and replacing agency staff with permanent posts
  • London Underground job cuts – good media coverage of short staffing of stations – on industrial action, I proposed the decisions agreed by GGC on 7/1/11 and 11/1/11; on 19/1/11 GGC decided against naming further strikes at present – ‘action short’ continues – RMT/TSSA taking part in reviews at ACAS – legal action being prepared over discrimination against part-time workers
  • Campaigns against victimisation - Peter Hartshorn sacked; has appeal tomorrow; ballot being prepared - Arwyn Thomas won Interim Relief – Eamonn Lynch won Interim Relief; Directors Review rejected – second 24 hour strikes on Bakerloo and at Morden on 14/15 January – GGC now agreed detailed campaign – views sought from branches and LTRC for further action
  • Docklands Light Railway - industrial action ballot result very good majority – strike called 20-21 January – injuncted by High Court – RMT to appeal and reballot if appeal fails

Branch meetings I have attended this month: Neasden, Morden & Oval, Bakerloo, Finsbury Park, LU Engineering, Stratford no.1, LU Fleet

Janine Booth, 27/1/11