Council of Executives report to Regional Council Executive, 8 March


  • DLR – RMT won appeal; in same Appeal Court decision, ASLEF also won similar appeal; proposal for new strikes on DLR to be discussed at GGC Wednesday; talks with management Wednesday
  • LU victimisations – see decision; will be a single ballot of drivers; membership lists / database needs checking; ACAS talks Wednesday; RCI rep Tony Rowntree sent to CDI
  • LU job cuts – report on Equalities review posted on website; need more reports to members on reviews; comments invited re ongoing strategy
  • LU email guidelines – LU has made unilateral changes; letter to be circulated
  • Threat to nominee passes – see decision
  • LU uniform vouchers – LU has withdrawn vouchers
  • Stations membership list – needs updating; reps to send in lists of members
  • Victoria line sensitive edge dispute – branch wants new, broader title of ballot; to be discussed at GGC Wednesday
  • attended National Women’s Conference – poster produced for International Women’s Day; 3 resolutions (2 from our Region) passed; excellent speakers/discussions; encourage branches to submit resolutions to Women’s Advisory Committee
  • reminder – other equalities and grades conferences coming up
  • RMT is producing a charter for health & safety reps – draft available for comments
  • Egypt – LTRC resolution referred to Political Sub Committee
  • 75th anniversary of Cable Street – RMT supporting commemoration event
  • AV referendum – RMT recommends ‘No’ vote
  • Fighting the cuts – demonstration on 26 March; pamphlet
  • Election results – successful candidates from our Region: SERTUC – Danny Bedford, London Taxi Drivers; TUC Black Workers’ Conference – Frank Ajayi, LU Fleet; TUC LGBT Conference – Alan Bell, Hammersmith & City

Janine Booth
8 March 2011