Council of Executives Report to Regional Council Executive, July 2011


  • Arwyn reinstated - dispute resolved - details of settlement to be given verbally
  • request for donation to LabourStart
  • outstanding victimisation cases - Tony Rowntree; Jayesh Patel; Tunde Amanah
  • review of industrial disputes

Pay & Conditions

  • London Underground - Company Council tomorrow; cleaning vouchers
  • Tube Lines (ex-Alstom) - accepted
  • EDF Powerlink - rejected
  • CBS Outdoor - accepted
  • TfL - third year of 3-year deal
  • comparison and co-ordination of pay in various companies in the region

LU Job Cuts

  • overtime ban / HGW ban / work-to-rule lifted
  • reps' proposals back on GGC agenda following successful appeal at AGM
  • equality issues - see decision

TfL 'Restructuring and Staff Reductions' policy - accepted; see decision

Engineering / Fleet disputes

  • Northumberland Park IT Disciplinary dispute - resolved
  • Signals grade progression dispute - resolved
  • Bullying at Thales - request for industrial action ballot

LU Station Staff

  • Framework Agreement - decision; know your rights guide; outstanding disciplinary sanctions
  • LU agreed to discuss allocation of reps

LU service control

  • 28 days' notice of rest days
  • 'Command and control review' - formation of one control centre


  • Women - survey; film; training for region; training national; request to fund email list
  • Disabled workers - conference to be held later this year
  • LGBT - new poster available; conference resolutions to be discussed by Council of Executives Friday 15/7
  • Age discrimination - retirement at 65
  • Young members - advisory committee to be 5 per region following LTRC resolution - notice of election issued


  • Members in 'wrong' branch - Council of Executives has agreed that RO can produce a quarterly report for action
  • Training - 'producing effective printed materials' - Friday 12/8

Olympics - greater co-ordination

Possible merger with TSSA and other unions

AGM - decisions to be discussed at Council of Executives on Friday 15/7

National railway

  • Bombardier job losses - demonstration Saturday 23/7
  • McNulty - pamphlets available
  • Justice for Jarvis workers

International issues

  • Egypt - appeal lost at AGM; Kamal Abbas was due to address Council of Executives Friday 15/7, but has returned to Egypt due to new demonstrations etc
  • Delhi - Metro workers on strike - please sign petition and send message of support
  • Israel - railworkers' strike; Palestinian quarry workers' strike

Janine Booth, 12 July 2011