Council of Executives Report to Regional Council, February 2011
  • Taxis - 15-year age limit (see decision)
  • LU job cuts - confidential reporting line; need to update membership information following 6 February moves; appeals against displacements; Enhanced AFM Functionality; reviews ongoing; action short of strikes; recommend members' meeting w/c 14 March
  • LU pay - claim submitted
  • 29 April public holiday - correspondence with LU
  • 26 March demonstration - please mobilise
  • DLR injunction appeal - hearing has been held, decision expected around 8 March
  • anti-union laws - plan for seminar on campaigning for repeal
  • DLR dispute - progress in talks?
  • Victoria Line sensitive edge ballot - verbal report to be given at LTRC meeting
  • victimisations - strikes for Eamonn & Arwyn called for 21 February, then suspended for escalation of dispute to ballot of all drivers; full verbal explanation of decision to be given at LTRC meeting; campaigning needed, materials available; MPs support; Employment Tribunal hearings
  • Power Control Room / TACs - referenda rejected offer; awaiting revised offer from LU; liaising with other unions
  • LGBT Advisory Committee - Pride events; conference
  • legal appeal - Pat Houlihan - referred to Legal Sub-Committee, hope to get legal representation
  • Egypt - have continued to raise at Executive, pressing for support for new independent union federation; press release opposing ban on strikes and workers' meetings
  • LU Company Council - meets 24/2; issues include machinery, stations framework agreement; Regional Organiser to give report
  • forthcoming Statutory Executive Meeting ('stats week') - issues coming up include pamphlet on the cuts; AV referendum; legal appeals
  • LT Region AGM delegates - Adrian Rowe, Jim McDaid, Becky Crocker, Glen Brown, Neil Hodgson, Michael Keown, Mac McKenna, Vaughan Thomas, Tony Rowntree, Dean O'Hanlon, Jackie Darby

Janine Booth 24/2/11