Demonstrate in Solidarity with Tube Cleaners

Demonstrate in solidarity with Tube cleaners at Mayor's Question Time on Wednesday 15 October, City Hall, 10-11am

Meet outside City Hall (by the river between London Bridge and Tower Bridge).

The Mayor is the chair of Transport for London. At Mayor's Questions in July, he smugly promised that Metronet cleaners would receive a living wage by August.

Metronet contractors Initial and ICS are still either not paying the London Living Wage, or only paying it in part.

The protest will also highlight the unjust use of immigration law during the dispute.

Next Wednesday is Mayor's Questions again. We want to show the Mayor that he hasn't seen the last of this dispute, and that we hold him along with the bosses of the cleaning contractors responsible for immigration victimisations. Come along and make some noise in solidarity with the cleaners. Bring banners, placards and noisemakers!

For more information, call Becky on 07734-364302.