Draft Minutes of Regional Council AGM/Meeting on 24th February 2011

Draft Minutes of Regional Council AGM/Meeting on 24th February 2011

Bakerloo - Eamonn Lynch, Brian Munro
Camden No.3 - Rebecca Crocker, John Reid
Central Line West - Vaughan Thomas
DLR - Mark Honetman, David Fisher
East Ham - Natasha Robetson, Unjum Mirza, Alan Suleyan
Finsbury Park - John Kelly, Frank Curtis, Dean O Hanlon, Neil Cochrane
Hammersmith&City - Josie Toussant-Pinnock, Sandra Hunt, Mac McKenna, John Colville, M. McViswant, Shaun McKenzie
Jubilee South - Linda Aitken, Jason Moriarty, Korhan Osman
London Taxis - M.Tinnion, D.J.Vigeon, John Kennedy
LU Engineering - Andy Littlechild, Paul Jackson
LU Fleet - Kieran Crowe
Morden & Oval - Arwyn Thomas,Glen Hart
Neasden - Gash Carney
Piccadilly & District West - Olly New
Retired Members - Carol Foster
Stratford No.1 - Amanda Carney, Adrian Finney
TfL No.1 - Roy Carey, Fliss Premru
Thames Riverboats
In Attendance - Steve Hedley (Regional Organiser), Janine Booth (Council Of Executive Member)

1.Apologies for Absence
Gynn Pugh, Dave Rayfield, Barrie Pike, Jim McDaid, Glenroy Watson, Ross Marshall, Jackie Darby, Bob McMunn, Jo Parry.

*Minutes of Previous Meeting
Proposed: Seconded: Agreed as accurate

*Matters Arising
Resolution of fare rises-was not accepted
and has to go to Council of Executives.Regional council to appeal decision.


2.Elections - declaration of results; election of contested positions; nominations and elections if necessary for vacant positions.

Elections for Contested Positions

*Political Officer Election-Unjum Mirza Elected
Becky Crocker-6 votes
Unjum Mirza-9 votes

*Womans Officer- Claire Reilly Elected unapposed

*LGBT Officer-Jo Parry Elected
Mo Monasin- 4 votes
Jo Parry-7 votes

Regional Council Officers and Executive 2011/12

SECRETARY – John Kelly, Finsbury Park branch
PRESIDENT – Vaughan Thomas, Central Line West branch
ASSISTANT SECRETARY – John Reid, Camden 3 branch
VICE PRESIDENT – Olly New, Piccadilly & District West branch
FINANCIAL SECRETARY – Ross Marshall, Central Line West branch
MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY – Dave Rayfield, Finsbury Park branch
POLITICAL OFFICER – Unjum Mirza, East Ham branch
WOMEN’S OFFICER – Clare Reilly, East Ham branch
LGBT OFFICER – Joanne Parry, TfL no.1 branch
BLACK & ETHNIC MINORITY MEMBERS’ OFFICER – Glen Hart, Morden & Oval branch
YOUNG MEMBERS’ OFFICER – Korhan Osman, Jubilee South & East London Line branch
LU LEARNER REPS’ CO-ORDINATOR – Bjorn Bradshaw-Murray, Finsbury Park branch
AUDITORS – Duncan Delvin, TfL no.1; Lisa Wilton, Neasden branch

Bakerloo – Eamonn Lynch
Camden 3 – Garry Houghton, Pat O’Brien
Central Line West –
East Ham –
Finsbury Park – Will Reid
Hammersmith & City – John Colville, Shaun McKenzie
Jubilee South and East London Line – Jason Moriarty
London Taxis – Dave Vigeon
LU Engineering –
LU Fleet – Kieran Crowe
Morden & Oval – Arwyn Thomas, Bob McMunn
Neasden – Gash Carney
Piccadilly & District West –
Stratford no.1 – Michael Cronin, Amanda Carney
TfL no.1 –

3.Proposals for amendments to standing orders

Janine Booth Moved Amendments

*New Clause 21-Proposed by Regional Council Executive

“Branches and the Regional Council Executive may submit amendments to these standing orders. Such amendments shall be submitted to the Regionl Council Executive meeting in January for debate at the AGM in February, or to the Regional Council Executive meeting in July for the Debate at the Regional Council meeting in August.Amendments to these standing orders require two-thirds majority to be passed.”

Carried Unanimously.

*Clause 3- Venue for Regional Council meetings (Proposed Regional Council Executive)

Clause 3 now states “St Aloysius Social Centre,Phonenix Road,London”

Carried Unanimously

*Clause 10-Timing of Regional Council Executive Meetings (Proposed Regional Council Executive)

Replace 1630 with 1600.

Carried Unanimously.

*Clause 5 -New Officer Positions (Proposed Regional Council Executive)

In Clause 5 add:
Website Officer: carried 8-4
Publicity Officer: carried 9-4
Training Officer carried 8-3
Social Events Officer: carried 8-3
H&S Officer:7-6 for,no two thirds majority-Fell

Clause 5 to now include Website,Publicity,Training and Social Events Officers

*Regional council voting (proposed by LU Engineering branch)

LU engineering remitted proposal to to amend Regional Council voting system and discuss over next six months with a view to re-submit in July

4.Recruitment and organising plan
Carried over to next meeting

5.Financial report
Carried over to next meeting

End AGM Business

6.Recruitment and organising (17:05
Carried over to Next meeting

Council of Executives and Regional Organiser’s Reports

Janine booth circulated a folder of C and E/GGC decisions and reported on:

*taxis - 15-year age limit (see decision)
*LU job cuts - confidential reporting line luljobcuts@rmt.org.uk; need to update membership information following 6 February moves; appeals against displacements; Enhanced AFM Functionality; reviews ongoing; action short of strikes; recommend members' meeting w/c 14 March
*29 April public holiday - correspondence with LU
*26 March demonstration - need to mobilise
*DLR injunction appeal - hearing has been held, decision expected around 8 March
anti-union laws - plan for seminar on campaigning for repeal
*DLR dispute - progress made in talks
*Victoria Line sensitive edge ballot-dependant on DLR appeal Judgement
*Victimisations - strikes for Eamonn & Arwyn called for 21 February, then suspended for escalation of dispute to ballot of all drivers; full verbal explanation of decision given at *LTRC meeting; campaigning needed, materials available; MPs support; Employment Tribunal hearings
*Power Control Room / TACs - referenda rejected offer; awaiting revised offer from LU; liaising with other unions
*LGBT Advisory Committee - Pride events; conference
*Legal appeal - Pat Houlihan - referred to Legal Sub-Committee, hope to get legal representation
*Egypt - have continued to raise at Executive, pressing for support for new independent union federation; press release opposing ban on strikes and workers' meetings
*Forthcoming Statutory Executive Meeting ('stats week') - issues coming up include pamphlet on the cuts; AV referendum; legal appeals
*LT Region AGM delegates - Adrian Rowe, Jim McDaid, Becky Crocker, Glen Brown, Neil Hodgson, Michael Keown, Mac McKenna, Vaughan Thomas, Tony Rowntree, Dean O'Hanlon, Jackie Darby

Steve Hedley reported on:
*Spheres of influence meeting:write to members in region advising them they wil lbe transfered to correct branch unless they object.
*Train Drivers in Fleet branch-additional Rep to TFC but driver will be tranfered out of Fleet.
*Oystercard repair technicians/staff transferred from Picc and Dist West to LU Engineering
*Branches requested to arrange dates and times for branch meetings that do not clash.
*LU Company Council - meeting held 24/2; issues included:
*Machinery of Negotiation-meeting to be held at CMO level in March on outstanding issues
*Re-organistaion of staion groups and de-recognition of Reps-LU ignored machinery and refused to accept status quo on representation levels.Stations Functional Council to meet with a view to a joint proposal.
*Stations Framework Agreement-LU attempted to impose without agreement or ratification.Will respond in writing to RO.
*2011 Pay claim submitted-LU to arrange pay talks meeting.
*FBU and Boxing day LDI withdrawn.
*Duty Manager progression-ASLEF members rejested so still outstanding,possibly more talks.
*Agency staff N/E Bakerloo line.LU to respond to request for information on contact.JWP meeting to be convened
*NSSN Lobby 5th March in Southwark
*Victimisation of Arwyn Thomas and Eamon Lynch-ACAS meeting and need to build vote in depots.

Opened to floor- Points raised in Discussion:
*Station Staff should form Defence committee to fight against attacks on station jobs.
*JB right to propose calling off local disputes in AT & EL victimisation dispute in order to escalate to combine wide drivers ballot.If need be a further escalation to all members on LU.
*Need to consult members on O/T ban and whether we should keep it in place.
*Issues of Group reserves being used as Line cover.
*Issue of displaced East london Line members being displaced twice as a result of OSP.
*Concern expressed that there has not been enough publicity for March 26th TUC demo.
*New AFM enhancements will endanger station jobs further.

JB Replied
*Branches need to discuss OT ban issue.
*Need to regroup and fight back after stations job cuts dispute.
*Risks involved in continuing with local disputes for AT and EL,could have damaged any attempt to escalate.

SH Replied
*Emergency Ad hoc SFC to be requested as company refused to discuss at Company Council
*SFC Reps to write leaflets advising members
*All Functional council Reps responsibility to write reports to him on issues and he will act on them.
*March 26th TUC demo-Branch secretaries to write up reports.
Station jobs cut dispute-RO had argued for escalation but Ntional Executive took a different position.1 day strikes nolonger effective.
*AT and EL-need to work hard in depots to build campaign.

8.Resolutions from branches

1.Threat of Withdrawal of Staff Nominee Travel Facilities
Proposed neasden,Seconded LU Engineering

This resolution, submitted by Neasden branch and amended by the Regional Council Executive, was carried unanimously

"This Regional Council is appalled at the reports that certain GLA members once again have circulated to the media that he wishes to remove staff travel facilities for partners, flatmates, or family members under the same roof.
While we think the reason he is coming for us is, the removal of free travel for school kids, disabled and elderly people and police officers may be unpopular with his voters. He must understand that we will fight for the retention of our benefits.
We ask the union, to issue statements, saying that we will fight to keep our benefits, and actually we wish to have parity with London Overground, where their staff receive the same benefits as us, and a PRIV."

2.Dispute Review-submitted Finsbury Park
Proposed Finsbury Park,Seconded Bakerloo

This resolution, submitted by Finsbury Park branch, was carried unanimously

"This branch calls for a delegation from the EC to undertake a thorough review of the recent dispute regarding the job cuts and scrutiny of the decision making process: - who made those decisions and on whose authority including when were decisions made. The results of the review will be made available and if required recommendations made for any future disputes will be sought. This review should take place at the end of the dispute."

3.AGM Award-submitted Neasden
Proposed Neasden,seconded Stratford No.1

This resolution proposed by Neasden branch was carried unanimously

"This Regional Council notes that the John Cogger Award for Youth is presented at the AGM, with Neasden Branch winning the award in 2009 and 2010. We think it is also time to award other activists within our union, and name them in honour of two comrades that we lost in 2010.
We propose that the John Cogger Youth Award remains the same, but the union considers introducing the following awards, also to be presented at the AGM
The Carolyn Siddall Award for Organising – Open to any member who has shown great organising skills, nominated by branches via application form - the winner would be decided by the EC and presented at the AGM.
The Alexander Holden Special Achievement award – this award is open to any member, nominated by their branches via application form, the winner would also be decided by the EC from forms submitted.
We hope that you will agree, this is a way to remember two people who continuously fought to build our union, and to also to award our activists who, without them, our union wouldn’t exist.
With the above in mind, if this resolution pleases, the London Transport regional council and the Council of Executives. We would hope that a circular and nomination forms to be sent out ASAP, in time to issue the awards at the 2011 AGM"

4.Solidarity with the Egyptian revolution-Submitted by LU Engineering Proposed LU Engineering,seconded East Ham

This resolution, submitted by LU Engineering branch and amended by Stratford no.1 branch and LU Engineering branch, was passed unanimously by the February meeting to the Regional Council:

"Region notes:
Egyptians have taken to the streets, braving bullets and tanks to fight for change, freedom and social justice.
Region believes:
That there can be no real change until the rule of dictator Hosni Mubarak is swept away and all his cronies go with him.
That the US, which has used Egypt as a major ally in the Middle East, should stop meddling in the region and not thwart the wishes of the Egyptian people.
That as well as democratic change the people of Egypt will need to take up issues of fundamental social change to prevent them being made to pay for the crisis. We recognise that the recent emergence of an independent trade union federation, will be a vital element in protecting the Egyptian workforce against tyrannical bosses of all kinds. We urge the Union Executive to extend every support to this new workers organisation.
Region resolves:
To support Egyptian protesters' demands for an end to the rule of Hosni Mubarak and his whole regime, the establishment of a genuine democracy and for social change to meet the needs of the people. To call on the British government to sever all links with Mubarak and his henchmen. We oppose any attempt by the imperialist powers to intervene in Egypt. To invite a speaker from the Egyptian solidarity movement (egyptsolidarity@gmail.com ) to our next meeting and to forward this motion to our head office and to the TUC.
This Regional Council further notes:
The victorious revolution in Egypt on Friday 11 February 2011 is of world importance. While Tunisia marks the epicentre of the revolution, the Egypt revolution equals the tsunami sending
waves of revolt across the Arab world and beyond.
The protests and protesters were heroic, while the growing strikes and the development of independent trade unions significantly added weight to the movement spelling the end for Mubarak.
This Regional Council further believes:
While we celebrate the downfall of Hosni Mubarak, like many Egyptians, we recognise that the fallof Mubarak is just one key element in the fight for “bread, freedom and dignity”.
The despised, brutal secret police must be dismantled. The army's hierarchy is an integral part of the political apparatus as well a huge 'stakeholder' in the economy – it has been a mainstay of the
regime. Therefore the toppling of Mubarak has not entirely swept away the brutal regime he constructed.
We support the move towards democratic elections and civilian control.
However, important political and, crucially, socio-economic demands remain to be met. In the present situation 'standing still' and awaiting change is not an option as the present attempts by the
military to curtail workers' rights and ban strikes testify.
The struggle must go forward to preserve the achievements thus far as well as to extend further gains to the mass of the population.
The move towards elections must be complemented by the continued formation of independent trade unions, workplace committees and neighbourhood committees so that the Egyptian people and workers can maintain ownership of the revolution and the gains made so far as well as determine the further development of the revolution.
This Regional Council further resolves:
Solidarity is the bedrock of trade unionism. That solidarity must and will extend beyond the national boundaries of our rulers.
1. To continue to support, financially and with whatever other effective means at our disposal, the fight for the political and socio-economic demands of the revolution.
2. To support, financially and with whatever other effective means at our disposal, the formation of democratic independent trade unions, workplace committees and neighbourhood committees.
3. To send solidarity greetings and support the newly formed Constituent Body of the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions. Email: reta.union.reta@gmail.com
4. To make arrangements with the Constituent Body of the Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions to exchange solidarity visits; engage in speaking tours and conferences; to circulate
statements and leaflets/newsheets and spread the spirit of resistance and revolution. Further, to invite a delegation from the Constituent Body to speak and march among the National TUC
demonstration against austerity on 26 March.
5. To assist through trade union funding, donations and book collections, the formation of a People's Library - a free learning and organising centre of struggle in Egypt accessible to all - to
share ideas of our movements for a better world. Egypt was once the world centre of learning. Once again, today, Egyptians have taught us, through their struggles, that a better world is possible. We owe a debt in knowledge, solidarity and struggle.
6. To follow the example set by the arab masses and re-double our efforts to mobilise the biggest demonstration of workers, unemployed, students and the poor on 26 March against the Con-Dem governments savage cuts to our jobs, services and welfare in an attempt to make us pay for their global economic crisis."

5.Opposing the EDL-submitted by LU Fleet
Proposed LU Fleet,seconded H&C

This resolution submitted by LU Fleet branch was carried 8-2 by the February meeting of the Regional Council:

"This Regional Council Notes -
1 - This Regional Council notes the recent increase in Islamophobia, racism and fascism across Europe, such as the openly fascist Hungarian Jobbik party, France's effective ban on the burka and British Tabloids' demonisation of Muslims.
2 - There has been the rise of the increasingly fascistic English Defence League (EDL) and their attempts to organise European Defence Leagues. They have links to the rabidly anti-union and racist Tea Party in the USA. They recently described student protestors as "scum who must be stopped", which comes after previous condemnations of trade union and anti-cuts campaigns. EDL supporters tried to attack a Peterborough Trades Council rally on Dec 11th but were repulsed by trade unionists and UAF supporters. This marks a further heightening in their attacks on the organised labour movement and requires the maximum unity from trade unionists in addressing their potential threat. We also note the BNP's new turn to "militantly protesting" outside Mosques.
3- Unite Against Fascism (UAF) has led ongoing work in opposing the BNP and the EDL. UAF in 2010 alone has organised 25 protests against the EDL and took a delegation to Amsterdam to be part of a Dutch mobilisation against Geert Wilders and the EDL. UAF is also organising a national demonstration against the EDL's highly provocative presence in Luton On Feb 5 2011.
This Regional Council Believes;
1 - That the EDL through its words and actions poses a direct physical threat to trade unionists, socialists and ethnic minorities. Resisting them and the BNP remains essential for everyone involved in the working class movement.
2- That UAF is right to campaign vigorously against both the BNP and the EDL. We need to stand firm against the EDL threat to our multi racial society by organising demos and rallies against EDL attempts to divide our community.
This Regional Council Resolves;
1 - To affiliate to UAF.
2 - To make a donation to UAF towards the costs of its campaigning against the BNP and EDL of £100.
3 - To send delegates to The UAF National Conference, Feb 26(postponed to yet arranged date)"

6.Emergency Resolution-Escalation of anti-victimisation dispute submitted By Morden.
Propsed Morden,seconded LU Engineering

This resolution proposed by Neasden branch was carried unanimously:

"We call on all driver grades to be balloted to have Arwyn Thomas and eamonn Lynch reinstated."



*building for TUC demonstration, 26 March

All branches updated the region on their plans for mobilising and attending TUC Demo on March 26th.Nominated Branch organisers to repport to Regional EC on 8th March

*progress on previous resolutions-carried over to Regional EC

*other reports

11.Any Other Business - if notified to President in advance

*TFL reported on collection for station staff dispute and a benefit dance details were given

*RO gave details of picket of Olympic site over use of illegal blacklisting and the sacking of rmt member Frank Morris