Hammersmith & City branch organisation report 2009

The Regional Council Secretary wrote to all branches, asking for their assessment of their branch’s work during 2009, and suggesting that they might address the following points: - whether your membership grew or shrunk during 2009, and why you think this is - any problems you have had filling reps’ positions within the branch’s area - how effective your branch was during any industrial action in your area last year - what recruitment activities you have organised - any comments on how the union, either nationally or regionally, has helped (or not helped!) - ideas for future improvements


Hammersmith & City branch report

Membership grew in 09 according to Head office by 10% from 708 to 776 . I do not at this time have a break down of areas but will investigate further at a later date.

But from my experience the growth appears to me to be in Bus driver members we will have a loss in this area later this year due 150 bus drivers losing there jobs at Westbourne Park this Jan and Feb. .

We currently have no vacancy's for reps on LUL however were reps are proactive and keen membership grows (Apart form learner reps which I must admit I have not given Consideration to). Bus rep we don't really have a rep and most of the time this falls upon myself or regional office this area is very difficult for many reasons.

Industrial Action - I believe in my area this was well supported with the closing of certain stations for first time in many years. And I must congratulate the Local reps especially Liverpool Street, Paddington/Ladbroke Grove and Kings Cross as well as the train Crew reps.

Union Nationally/Regionally- I feel we are still suffering from issues that occurred with Bobby Law and the way the dispute was settled.

Recruitment activity - it is very difficult as members don't want to give up time even when offered loss of earnings

Future Improvements - ensure all reps are fully trained(even myself), the reinvigorating of the branch newsletter and trying to encourage better branch attendance.