Jubilee South branch passes motion against Boris Johnson's no deal Brexit plan

Jubilee South branch has passed a motion following Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to prorogue parliament in order to stifle action by MPs to attempt to block a no deal Brexit.

The motion

This branch notes Boris Johnson’s attempt to suspend Parliament, with royal assent, in order to force through a no-deal Brexit.

This branch believes that such a no-deal Brexit will have a significantly detrimental impact on our members’ lives, especially our migrant members.

This move, by a millionaire Prime Minister elected by only a handful of Tory activists, is a serious affront to democracy amounting to a coup, represents a lurch towards authoritarian nationalism.

This branch believes all labour movement bodies, including the Labour Party and trade unions, whatever their policy on Brexit itself, must urgently oppose this move, including via organising direct action against it.

We call on our national union to:
• Make a clear statement opposing the coup
• Support, and, where possible, initiate, demonstrations, protests, and other actions against it - including, where possible and understanding legal restrictions, industrial action
• Emphasise that we do not support Boris Johnson’s no-deal plan and his vision for hyper-neoliberal trade agreements with Donald Trump’s USA
• Remove Kate Hoey MP, who has supported the move to suspend Parliament, from our parliamentary group.
• We support the demand for a vote of no confidence in the government and an immediate general election.

We resolve to submit this motion as an emergency motion to the RMT London Transport Regional Council.”