Minutes: Regional Council meeting, 27 May 2010


  • Bakerloo branch –
  • Camden No.3 branch – John Reid, Pat O’Brien, Becky Crocker
  • Central Line West branch – Vaughan Thomas (meeting chair), Stefan Melnyk
  • DLR –
  • East Ham – Claire Reilly, Gary Lazell, Unjum Mirza, James Wong-McSweeney
  • Finsbury Park branch – Dean O’Hanlon, Glenroy Watson, Dave Rayfield, Frank Curtis
  • Hammersmith & City branch –
  • Jubilee South & East London Line branch –
  • London Taxis branch –
  • LU Engineering branch – Paul O'Brien
  • LU Fleet branch – Linda Martin
  • Morden & Oval branch –
  • Neasden branch – Ross Marshall
  • Piccadilly & District West branch – Gwyn Pugh
  • Retired Members branch –
  • Stratford No.1 branch – Adrian Finney, Janine Booth (meeting secretary), Terry O'Neill, Mo Mujahid
  • TfL No.1 branch – Carol Foster
  • Thames Riverboats branch –
  • In attendance – Steve Hedley (regional Organiser), Olly New (Council of Executives member), Phil Boston (Organising Unit), Bill Rawcliffe (sacked Jarvis worker)


Linda Wiles, Paul Rutland, Lindsey Rutland, Mick Crossey, Josie Toussaint-Pinnock, Mark Harding, Gash Carney, Andy Leach, Neil Hodgson, Linda Wiles, Tony Gandolfi, Clara Osagieded, Lewis Peacock


Proposed by Piccadilly & West, seconded by East Ham. Agreed.




Dave Rayfield reported, emphasising the Organising Team meeting on 8 June - all branches to attend.

Phil Boston reported on the continuing London Overground recruitment drive and Taxi Driver recruitment.

Points raised in discussion:

  • need to concentrate on depots where membership is weak
  • appointment of Vulnerable Workers project worker
  • train grades organising work - need updated train crew membership list in time for each month's meeting


At this point, standing orders were suspended and Bill Rawcliffe (sacked Jarivs worker) addressed the meeting. Agreed to pay travel expenses up to £100 each for Bill and his companion.


Olly New reported on:

  • General Election
  • further cuts to TfL budget
  • Tube Lines ballot
  • Brian Whitehead replaces Peter Skelly as officer for DLR and Tube Lines
  • ASLEF dispute on Tube Lines
  • DLR onboard staff ballot re 3-car working
  • Leafleting at Whitechapel: re-opening of East London Line in private sector
  • LU sacking people for less than 96% attendance

Steve Hedley reported on:

  • LU ballot - we are now days away from being ready to proceed
  • forthcoming attacks on terms and conditions
  • need positive demands for transport
  • CBS Outdoor - attack on terms and conditions
  • ISS cleaners - 6-day week
  • Jarvis

Points raised in discussion:

  • LU ballot re job cuts
    • report on Regional Council campaign committee against job cuts - leafleting; meetings arranged with professor of women & transport and with Labour GLA transport spokesperson
    • non-coverage of stations duties in preparation for job cuts
    • delay in ballot very damaging - urgent that it now goes ahead
    • drivers now supportive of fight against job cuts
    • need letter from GS to members explaining issue
    • need to think ahead to what to do in event of legal challenge
  • need to link with other unions and service users to defend public services
  • CBS Outdoor attacks: impact on stations safety
  • overtime and fatigue
  • Queen's Speech - transport cuts
  • BA cabin crew dispute
  • support John McDonnell for Labour leader
  • cleaners being paid at old rates
  • can promote positive demands through a workers' and passengers' plan
  • Tube Lines transfer of ownership

Reply - Olly:

  • John McDonnell increased majority - if Labour in general got votes that left Labour MPs did, it would have won
  • Tube Lines ballot is on
  • yes, letter to members re LU dispute
  • branches should get involved with trades councils
  • need to address weak attendance at branch meetings - make special effort to ring round reps for next round of branch meetings

Reply - Steve:

  • LTRC has put lots of pressure on head office to get on with ballot
  • John McDonnell has no chance of winning Labour leadership
  • why our reps refused to go to level 2 meetings re job cuts and why they are doing now
  • cleaners: need to collate information re not being paid by Initial


1. Training for representatives, submitted by Hammersmith & City branch, moved by Stratford no.1 branch, seconded formally by Neasden branch This Regional Council believes that RMT workplace representatives would benefit from an annual ‘refresher’ training day, and asks head office to request release for this from all employers. This Regional Council also believes that whenever a new policy or procedure (eg. grievance, discipline, attendance, equality, etc) comes into force, representatives should receive adequate training in the new procedure and how it affects their role. We believe that the union should ensure that employers agree release for such training before agreeing to any new policy.

During discussion, delegates highlighted that the National Executive had not adequately implemented our previous resolution about training re Employment Act 2008.

Carried unanimously.


E1. Suitablity as RMT Representative, submitted by Stratford no.1 branch, seconded by TfL no.1 branch We believe that it is morally wrong for a member for who has crossed an Official picket line in June 2009, during an official and legitimate industrial action to be standing for the post of Union Representative.

Janine Booth (Secretary) proposed that this be accepted as an emergency resolution; Pat O'Brien (Camden 3) opposed. Vote: 4 in favour; 1 against; 3 abstentions - accepted as emergency resolution.

Following extensive debate, the resolution was carried unanimously.


Nothing raised.


  • Janine Booth, Secretary, reported on the Executive's decision re venue for Regional Council meetings, and urged delegates to bring suggestions for alternative venues to the next Executive meeting. Also proposed the following measures to also improve attendance:
    • Regional Council officers to visit those branches which rarely attend, and convince them to do so
    • add to mailing list all level 2 / tier 2 reps, plus everyone who has attended within the last year


  • Glenroy Watson - recommends purchasing new TUC pamphlet
  • Ross Marshall - is drafting rules re how money is spent - can not continue spending large sums simply by proposals from floor at Regional Council meeting. Agreed in this instance to give £200 to BA cabin crew dispute fund, and for LTRC reps to take it to picket line.
  • Glenroy Watson - Reparations Conference

Meeting closed at 18:45