Minutes of Regional Council meeting, 30 July 2009


  • Bakerloo branch -
  • Camden no.3 branch - Pat O'Brien, Clara Osagiede, Mick Crossey, John Reid, Garry Houghton, Joanne Prestwick, Chris Gryce, Paul Kennedy, Tony Gandolfi
  • Central Line West branch - Vaughan Thomas (meeting chair), Vik Parmar
  • DLR branch -
  • East Ham branch - Andy Izard, Gary Lazell, Clare Reilly, Chris Baillie
  • Finsbury Park branch - Glenroy Watson, Dean O'Hanlon, Frank Curtis, Pat Harnett, Will Reid, Paul Bell, Amarjit Chumber, George Campbell, Adenike Adetola, Mark Walters
  • LU Fleet branch - Kieran Crowe
  • Hammersmith & City branch - Keith Watts, Sandra Hunt, Josie Toussaint-Pinnock
  • Jubilee South & East London Line branch - Chris Carroll, Jane Gwynn
  • LU Engineering branch - Andy Littlechild, Jackie Darby, Val Barzey, Keith Robinson, Chris Newell, Gerry Nugent
  • Morden & Oval branch - Mark O'Donnell, Paul Geer, Arwyn Thomas
  • Neasden branch - Gash Carney
  • Piccadilly & District West branch - Gwyn Pugh, Andy Leach, Neil Hodgson
  • Retired Members' branch -
  • Stratford no.1 branch - Unjum Mirza, Adrian Finney, Bill O'Dowd, John McConville
  • TfL no.1 branch - Steve Poole, Carol Foster
  • Thames Riverboats branch -
  • In attendance - Steve Hedley (Regional Organiser), Olly New (Council of Executives member), Nick Quirk, Mick Lynch, Graham Ashcroft (Council of Executives members), Phil Boston (Organising Unit)

At the start of the meeting it was announced that Brother Andy Melvin, an activist from TfL Branch, had passed away. Olly New paid a tribute to our Comrade and the meeting observed a minute’s silence in his honour. Delegates were invited to attend his funeral.


Brian Haughian, Bob McMunn, Dave Rayfield, Paul Jackson, O’Riley, McDaid, Brenda Sutton, Linda Martin, Janine Booth, Paul Rutland, Lindsey Rutland, Linda Wiles.


Agreed as true and correct.




At the President’s request delegates agreed to suspend standing orders to allow a full debate on the ongoing dispute.

Brother Oliver New, on behalf of the Council of Executives:

  • gave apologies for Bob Crow who was on the Isle of Wight at the Vestas occupation
  • gave a summary of the dispute so far and the meeting that took place with LUL at ACAS on the 29th
  • reported that the 5-year offer was no longer on the table, replaced by a 2-year offer of 1.5% for year 1, and RPI+0.5% for year 2
  • reported that there were currently 73 members of staff with no alternative job offer; that the crucial matter of LUL breaking an agreement was still unresolved and such behaviour by the employers is a grave threat to our Trade Union and our members
  • reported on LUL’s threat to the pension fund.

Steve Hedley, Regional Organiser:

  • reported in depth on the ACAS talks
  • reported that there are more than 250 vacancies available for the 73 people who remain unplaced so there is no reason why LUL cannot agree to guarantee one job offer for each
  • explained that RMT has agreed to binding arbitration at ACAS but LUL have refused this as they are intent on breaking agreements
  • explained that LUL needs to make savings of £6 billion which will undoubtedly see further attacks on our members’ jobs, pay and conditions
  • recommended that in order to defend all members of the RMT we need to consider more strike days
  • reported on the pensions issue and the claim by LUL that they are paying more than 6 times as much into the fund than are members and that this is unsustainable

Delegates and members then debated the issue and Brothers New and Hedley responded to the following points:

  • Bullying and harassment are still rife in certain areas and reps are still being victimised
  • It’s vital that we hold on to the agreements we have
  • Pensions will be under threat next
  • We need to publicise the fact that we have already won important concessions
  • Some areas not as strong as others and not all areas are up for more strike action
  • We must learn from previous actions and proceed tactically
  • Aslef and TSSA should be shamed into joining the dispute
  • We need to regain our focus and name new dates
  • One delegate wanted to name 3 dates to up the ante
  • Is it possible to sustain action or will more strike days be harmful?
  • If possible strike dates should correspond with other people taking action to maximise the impact.

At 18.00 normal business was resumed.


Olly New reported on:

  • the Bakerloo Line ballot for Brother Dobinson
  • a referendum on DLR
  • the strike ballot on pay at EDF
  • a dispute on the Victoria Line on 5 rounders and the TETRA investigation.

Questions and discussion followed.


Steve Hedley reported on:

  • the 2.5% offer for Alstom workers
  • bus members in the region
  • train grade representative numbers

Questions and discussion followed.


Delegates voted to allow speakers from 'Keep Our NHS Public' to address the meeting. Wendy Savage and Bronwen Handyside reported on the creeping privatisation of the NHS and requested that the Region affiliates and also that branches be encouraged to affiliate. This was agreed.


Phil Boston gave a report on behalf of Caroline Siddall who is unwell. The Region asked that our best wishes be passed on to Caroline.


(a) Reverse privatisation, submitted by LU Fleet and Piccadilly & District West branches

The RMT has always taken a firm stand against privatisation and contracting out of work.
We should step up our campaign for all infrastructure work, cleaning, catering and other work associated with London Underground to be integrated into LUL and the staff currently employed taken in house on LU pay and conditions.
We further call for LOROL to be taken into public ownership by being integrated into London Underground, instead of being a private contract under TfL. Not only the East London Line, but all of LOROL should be part of a single publicly owned London urban transport service, with pay, pension and conditions and staffing levels agreed with the RMT and other recognised trade unions.
We therefore request that the National Executive consult with the relevant branches with a view to adopting and campaigning for this policy.

Carried unanimously.

(b) Fighting the BNP, proposed by LUL Fleet, Seconded by LUL Engineering

This Region totally condemns the activities of the racists and facists that call themselves the BNP.
To this end this region will:

  • join the protest in Codnor Derbyshire, against the Red, White and Blue Fascist "festival" organised by the BNP in Derbyshire on Saturday 15th August.
  • It will also produce badges for its Region's members "LT Region aginst Racism" (The LU Engineering Branch agrees to donate £500 to the cost)
  • Encourage and support activists to attend the joint Love Music Hate Racism/ Unite Against Racism Conference in Manchester on July 17th

Carried unanimously.


No hard copies of emergency resolutions were available so they were held over until the August meeting.


Olly New advised the meeting that the resolution from the region on employing a case worker was yet to go before the full Council of Executives.


  • The President informed the meeting of the need for funds to finance the Region’s activities during the current dispute. It was agreed to instruct Damian Franklin to write to the General Secretary requesting an extra £10,000 to help us over this period. It ws reported that LU Engineering Branch donated £250 towards the cost of hiring Friends Meeting House for the United Campaign Against Police Violence.
  • “Reparation Now” is holding a meeting at Unity House on August 22nd. Speaker – Saladin Mohammed.
  • Vestas demonstration on the Isle of Wight on August 1st – transport available; Unjum Mirza is circulating a collection sheet to all branches.
  • Steve Hedley advised the meting that the regional mailing had been completed at great effort and cost and thanked all those who had helped.

Meeting closed 18.45