Piccadilly Reps Report July 2015

Well I am pleased to say that my area is fantastically strong. We REPs have recruited every single new person to the Piccadilly Circus group. Fixed term as well. 12 members in the last month.

Amazing, it's really easy for you to use your iPad to recruit. Giving someone a paper membership application is so last year. I do it on my personal iPad. Takes 5 minutes.

Our fixed term people are on board. They realise that if the company doesn't wish to extend their contracts, it was nothing that they have done. So by taking action, they have nothing to lose, apart from the fact that the RMT are fighting for the end of this abuse of their staff. We want permanent contracts - the end!

I am very involved with the cleaning staff in my area and today managed to get a member of staff her overtime within three days instead of them paying her the next payday?

I attended a meeting at which all cleaners were invited to attend and what I found was sickening. We have people having to become self employed to work for an agency, so that the agency can then abuse the few rights they have as agency workers.
Forcing them to sign up as self employed takes away any SSP, statutory rights to annual leave and rights of notice. It's 'tax evasion'. This is unacceptable in the UK. I do not agree with any company 'evading' tax.

Abuse of cleaning staff is disgusting and I spoke with John Leach about potentially putting in a claim of 'illegal deduction of wages'. He agreed.