Regional Council Meeting 31st March-Draft Minutes

Regional Council Minutes 31st March


Bakerloo – Brian Munro, Eamonn Lynch, Jayesh Patel,J.McDaid
Camden No.3 – John Reid
Central Line West –
East Ham – D.Izzard,N.Robertson,A.Rowntree,Mr Ingoldy
Finsbury Park – John Kelly, Glenroy Watson, Dave Rayfield, Dean O'Hanlon,Neil Cochrane
Hammersmith & City – Mr Mc Allister,Mr O Hare,S. Mc Kenzie,Linda Hamm
Jubilee South & East London Line –J.Moriarty
London Taxis –
LU Engineering – Andy Littlechild,Lewis Peacock,F.Murray
LU Fleet – Kieran Crowe
Morden & Oval – Arwyn Thomas
Neasden – Gash Carney,N.Eivers
Piccadilly & District West – Neil Hodgson, Olly New
Retired Members – Carol Foster
Stratford No.1 – Adrian Finney, Terry O'Neill, Amanda Carney,J.Booth
TfL No.1 –Roy Carey
Thames Riverboats –
In attendance – Steve Hedley (Regional Organiser), Janine Booth (Council of Executives member / meeting secretary), Phil Boston (Organising Unit)

Apologies for Absence
V. Thomas,M. Miguel, U.Mirza, B.Jordan, M.Taylor, R.Marshall, B.O Dowd, D.Pittman.
Minutes of Previous Meeting

Proposed: Stratford,Seconded: Bakerloo

Matters Arising - None

Held Over From AGM

2.Recruitment and Organising Plan

Proposed By Regional Executive
Moved by Dave Rayfield
Contributions by :
Phil Bosman-RMT Organising Unit
Glenroy Watson-Finsbury Park Branch
Carried Unanimously

3. 2010 Financial Report:

Regional Secretary gave Financial report on behalf of Treasurer Ross Marshall.

4.Election Of Vacant and New Executive Posts-Subject to Standing Orders being ratified.

Website Officer:
John Stack-Nominated by Central Line West,Seconded H&C
Election Address read out in his absence.
Peter North-Nominated Stratford,seconded Jubilee South.
Peter North Elected 7 votes to 4.

Publicity Officer:
Craig Diggins-Proposed Finsbury Park,Seconded Bakerloo
Elected Unopposed

Training Officer:
Pat Houlihan-Proposed TFL No 1,seconded Finsbury Park
Elected Unopposed

Events Organiser-Post remains open

5.Organisation and Recruitment

Regional Recruitment Officer Dave Rayfield gave report
*Dave Rayfield has organised a meeting with the Manager of Head Office Membership Department and has invited all branch Secretaries and Branch membership Secretaries.Monday 4th April at 1pm Unity House.
*Phil Bosman Gave a report on his organising activities including recruiting and organising workers from Barclays Bycles.


*C of E member Janine Booth reported on:
*Victimisation of Reps-Notice to ballot all LU Train Drivers served 30/03/2011.Ballot will close on 27/04/2011 and mass meeting organised for this date.
*LU job cuts reviews-progress/lack of progress to date and feedback meeting held for members on 24/03/2011
*Enhanced AFM-reported on possibility of boycott and need to update membership details on stations.
*Framework Agreements-GGC passed resolution for Regional EC member and Functional *Reps to produce plain-English ‘know your rights cards’.
*Thales National Pay offer which includes LU.
*Contract Workers Charter-Came to fruition as a result of LTRC passing a resolution in 2009 on organising contractors.
*DLR injunction-RMT won a landmark victory in appealing to High Court.Ruling stated that there was now a ‘Legal’ right to strike.As a result Serco have now offered significant concessions and sacked members re-instated.Union Recommendation to accept offer.
*LU/TFL Nominee pass Resolution passed by EC
*LU informed Union Head office by etter that Electronic communications Guidelines changed.No consultation.
*Worklife balance/family leave guidelines changed by LU to include latest legislation-need for us to check new guidelines.
*Women's conference attended by EC member.
*Young Members Conference.
*Disabled Members Advisory Committee-Union EC to decide on setting up.
*Egypt Resolution-Union EC invited member of Independent Federation to C & E.
*75th Anniversary of Cable Street-Union sponsoring events.Stratford No 1 organising a walking tour on 08/05/2011.
*AV Referendum
*National Union Election Results
*EC member expressed disappointment that she could not attend as many Branches as she had wished due to EC workload

Regional Organiser Steve Hedley’s reported on:
*TUC Demo 26th March-A big success and over 500 attended from region.Need for co-ordinated national strikes
*Machinery of Negotiation-Meeting with LU Phil Hufton.Improved offer.Impasse as G.duffy wont meet RO.Referred to ACAS
*Victoria Line Upgrade-Ballot papers out on 13/04/2011
*Trains Grades Ballot.
*Power Control Room-Ballot gone out over pay offer.LU have improved offer.
*D.I.S.I.-Leaflet sent out to train Driver members.
*ALSTOM pension update.
*LU pay negotiations-no offer from LU yet
*Cleaners recognition deal with John Laing on London Overground.
*RO barred from LU premises.
*Victimistaion of two RMT members-Frank Morris and Zara Senkan.
*Balfour Beatty
*TFL-Project Horizon,5- 7.5 billion of savings
*Frank Douglas HR Director for TFL resigned.

Points raised in Discussion:
*LU treating members appallingly since job cuts dispute-huge increase in case work for Functional reps.
JB pointed out that there was a need to support Local Reps to enable them to conduct local case work and reduce burden on Functional Reps who should be able to focus on Agreements and functional matters.
SH pointed out Managements hypocrisy in how they were treating our members yet supporting their managers who committed more serious breaches of conduct and behavior.

*Libya situation and Western military intervention
JB supports uprising against Gaddaffi.Does not support military intervention as it is hypocritical.
SH pointed out that we know very little about who the opposition/rebels are in Libya and as such we should be cautious about forming a position until we do.He also pointed out that there was double standards as there was no urgency to impose a no-fly zone over Gaza when the Israeli Government attacked the civilian population.

*Egypt-dissapointment expressed that Union EC seem slow to support Independent Federation of TU in Egypt.
JB position was that Union should support new Independent Unions and events in Egypt appeared to be overtaking RMT position.
SH stated that there was now a Military Dictatorship and there was a bigger need than ever to support the Independent Unions in Egypt

*Contract Workers Charter-need to update and support resolution
JB stated resolution now needed to be supported, acted upon and implemented on ground.

*TUC Black Workers Conference-Small number of delegates attended but agreed to increase numbers.To be discussed at Union EC on 8th April.
JB supports need for more delegates to Black Workers Conference and also Women's Conference.

*Solidarity greetings expressed to other Unions who had supported RO SH on issue of his barring from LU premises.
SH thanked the RMT Union and other unions for the support given.

*Victimisation Of Eamonn Lynch and Arwyn Thomas-Employment Tribunal went well and over 20 members attended Trains Grade meeting on organising strike action in support.
JB confirmed the need to defend Reps and noted that another Rep Anthony Rowntree was also facing disciplinary action relating to the Job Dispute.
SH commended the efforts of the Trains Grade Committee in organising campaign for Victimised Reps and pointed put that at the time of the Jobs Cut dispute he did not want tis issue separated from the JobCuts dispute as it was clear the victimisations were part of an attack on the union due to our opposition to the Job cuts.However we are now balloting Train Grades and could escalate further to an all grades ballot.

7.Resolutions from Branches

1. London Undergrounds Rainbow Attendance Process-submitted by Neasden Branch

That this LRTC notes with concern LU’s demand that some staff must meet a 96% attendance level.
This 96% attendance level has been explained as a part of a ‘Rainbow’ process and has been used against RMT members to threaten further action up to and including medical termination.
We ask that this LTRC calls on all functional council reps and the LTRC Secretary to report to the next LRTC about the ways in which ‘Rainbow’ is being implemented by management. The next LTRC should discuss how RMT can respond to this threat both legally and by taking industrial action.
Proposed Neasden,Seconded Finsbury Park
Carried Unanimously

2.Young Members Advisory Committee – Basis of Representation-submitted by Neasden Branch

This branch notes the formation of the Young Members Advisory Committee, as per clause 1 of rule 12D.

This branch also notes the inconsistency of the basis of representation, between the Young Members advisory committee(1 per region) and the other equal rights advisory committees, Governed by rule 12A (5 Per Region).

We note from this year’s young member’s conference, that the conference was not able to fill its liaison committee, and barely filled its Chair and Vice Chair positions, as the conference constitution states that ‘The chair and vice chair and three members of the liaison committee, must be members of the advisory committee.’
More worryingly, the inconsistency in the basis of representation is preventing young members, who wish to be active within the democratic hierarchy of the union, from doing so, and we believe it is detrimental to the unions organising agenda.

We ask that under Clause 3 of Rule 12D “The General Secretary shall provide secretarial services to the committee. The Committee shall have their standing orders, constitution and basis of representation determined by the council of executives.” that the unions executive bring the number of members on the National Young Members Advisory Committee to five per region.

Proposed Neasden,Seconded Stratford No 1
Carried Unanimously

Emergency Resolutions on RO’s Conviction for Picket Line incident.

Acting President pointed out that constitutionally we cannot pay fines.As he understood it the financial issue has already been sorted out.On this basis he proposed and it was agreed there be one discussion for all three resolutions.

3.Regional Organisers Fine-submitted by LU Fleet
This Regional Council believes that our Regional Organiser, Steve Hedley, Was wrongly convicted because of his activities as an officer of this Union, and that therefore RMT should pay his fine and legal costs.

4. Steve Hedley’s fine-submitted by TFL No 1

Our Regional Organiser Steve Hedley was recently given a fine for alleged action on a RMT picket line.
We request that the money for this fine and costs be reimbursed by the LTRC as this accrued in the line of duty.

5.RO Steve Hedley-submitted by LU Engineering

This Region notes:
Steve Hedley, LT Regional Organiser, has been found guilty and fined for an assault on a manager at Mile End station during the strike in September 2010.

Steve Hedley has been fined £200 and been asked to cover costs (£500).

This Region further notes:

This incident occurred when Managers at Mile End opened the station during a strike day below the minimum numbers required as legislated for under Article 24 of the RRO (previously known as Section 12).

The manager concerned astonishingly penned, in his own hand, in the Station Supervisor log book, that the station had been opened below minimum numbers.

All Mile End staff were on strike and on the picket line and can testify (and have to court) that no such assault took place. Indeed, pickets can confirm that a key witness for the prosecution, who issued a statement to court,was not even within the vicinity of the incident.

In court the manager had no witnesses to an assault and one prosecution witness even confirmed Steve Hedley's account.

This Region believes:
1 No such assault took place.
2 This decision is an attack on our union as a whole.
3 The reporting in the Evening Standard was not only biased but downright untruthful.

This Region resolves:
1 To cover the full fine and costs of the court decision
2 To fully support an Appeal against this decision.
3 To rebut the lies in the press by whatever means appropriate including a letter to the Evening Standard from the Officers in the Region.

*In light of the Presidents ruling and the fact that the financial aspect was no longer an issue the three Resolutions relating to RO Steve Hedley were carried unanimously and are to be implemented at the next Regional EC.


Files passed around-no comments or questions

9.Other Reports

*Victimised RMT members Frank Morris and Zara Senken spoke about their cases and how they were victimised and dismissed.Region agreed to make payment of £250 each for their expenses incurred in their campaigns.
*David Sealman spoke about his book ’Oystercard The nightmare’.RO pointed out that Union head Office had agreed to buy £1000 worth of book and Region should consider buying books.To be discussed at Regional Executive.
*Spokesperson from ‘Youth Fight For Jobs” spoke requesting support for mobilising campaign.£300 donation agreed .

Progress of Resolutions.
*Regional secretary reported that he had contacted UAF regarding affiliation.Awaiting Response from UAF.
*Changes to Regional Standing Orders still awaiting approval from General Secretary.

10.Any Other Business

*Glenroy Watson gave a report on the Black Workers Conference
-Not enough motions from Branches
-RMT should demand charity set up for Haiti Disaster use money collected as they were not using that money for relief in Haiti.
-Next years Conference in London.