Regional Council Minutes 27/11/08


  • Bakerloo: Sean Geoghegan
  • Camden: Becky Crocker, John Reid, Pat O'Brien,
  • Central Line West: Vik Parmar, Vaughan Thomas
  • DLR: Les Sime
  • East Ham: Chris Baillie, Andy Izard
  • Finsbury Park: Frank Curtis, Dean O'Hanlon, C Joycham, Elizabeth Morgan, Neil Cochrane
  • LU Fleet: Kieran Crowe
  • Hammersmith & City: Josie Toussaint-Pinnock, Mark Harding
  • Jubilee South & East London: Jane Gwynn
  • LU Engineering: Paul Jackson, Andy Littlechild, Lewis Peacock, Frank Murray, Jackie Darby
  • Morden & Oval: Arwyn Thomas
  • Neasden: Nigel Eivers
  • Piccadilly & District West: Olly New, Michael Livingstone, Brenda Sutton, Linda Martin, Neil Hodgson, Brian Haughian
  • Retired: none
  • Stratford: Allan Thomson, Bill O'Dowd, Adrian Finney, Unjum Mirza
  • TfL: Carol Foster, Joanne Parry
  • Thames Riverboats: none


Glenroy Watson, Bob McMunn, Malcolm Taylor, Dave Rayfield, Gwyn Pugh

Previous Minutes

Moved: TfL Seconded: Stratford

Matters Arising

East Ham motion not in minutes as emergency resolution. S Hedley confirmed sent to Bob Crow although not received.

Organisation & Recruitment

A Thomson reported Stratford recruitment went ahead on 27/11/08.

S Hedley reported that the previous month’s Hammersmith and City branch recruitment did not go ahead and reminded branches to organise these days.

Next regional recruitment day Morden and Oval: meet Morden station on the 29th January at 1030am

Council of Executives

Bro New Reported on the following:

  • Eurostar cleaners
  • Demo in Paris
  • EDF Powerlink strike – next dates 7th, 8th, 9th December
  • DLR controllers’ ballot over shift patterns
  • CBS – Brendan Judge suspended
  • LU attendance policy abused
  • Pay Claim – min £26,000, full travel facilities, reduced hours, living wage in contract, everyone offered job on medical redeployment, PRP abolished
  • Metronet – members to transfer to LU, Metronet to remain as a shell company

Discussion followed on Tfl pay negotiations, Metronet resolution, EDF, East Ham resolution.

Regional Organisers Report

Bro Whitehead reported on the following:

  • London Transport TUC – joint pay claim
  • TfL joint pay claim
  • Recruitment and retention importance
  • Metronet transfer to LUL 7th Dec
  • Grant Rail
  • OCS Eurostar cleaners – pensions and sick pay won

Resolutions at end of minutes



Other Reports

Young Members Report

It was reported that the young members were arranging social events to get more young people active.They were also publishing regular bulletins.


Busworkers meeting Dec 8th 1pm Unity House


This branch proposes that an independent TETRA study is carried out by DR Barry Trower noting the litigation carried out by R.Meyer.The independent study was called for unanimously at the LTRC. We now call on the C.O .E. to contact Mr Trower and Mr Meyer with a view to conducting the study. We also wish Mr Trower's Tetra radio study for the police federation to be made available to all our members.

Proposed Finsbury park Seconded Camden Carried unanimously

Meeting closed 1800 hrs