Regional Council minutes 29/1/09


  • Bakerloo - Adrian Rowe
  • Camden 3 -Becky Crocker
  • Central Line West - S Melnyk, Vaughan Thomas
  • DLR - C Ives
  • East Ham - Andy Izard
  • Finsbury Park - D Rayfield, W Reid, G Watson
  • Lu fleet - K Crowe
  • Hammersmith & City - J T Pinnock
  • Jubilee S. & East London -
  • LU Engineering - P Jackson, A Littlechild, L Peacock, F Murray
  • Morden & Oval - A Thomas, R McMunn
  • Neasden - K Jobe, D Franklin
  • Picc & Dist West - Olly New, G Pugh, B Sutton, L Martin, Brian Haughian, G Kelly
  • Retired - E Richardson
  • Stratford - J Booth, A Finney, U Mirza,
  • TFL - C Foster, Linda Wiles, P Rutland, L Rutland
  • Thames Riverboats -

A minute's silence was held for Bro Gerry O’Shaughnessy. Bro Richardson paid tribute to Bro O’Shaughnessy.


P Murphy, J McDaid, D O’Hanlon, B O’Dowd, P Sheridan

Previous Minutes

Moved: East Ham Seconded: Picc & Dist West

Matters Arising


Standing Orders were suspended to allow for the General Secretary’s report.

Bro Crow spoke on: The economic crisis and the impact this is/will have on rail & shipping workers. The launch of the Peoples Charter in March, with a target to get 1 million signatories. Defence and support for all workers in dispute. The need for coordinated action across London transport workers.

Contributions/Q&A followed

Bro Crow was thanked in the normal manner

Organisation & Recruitment

Bro Rayfield reported on: The poor turnout for the Morden & Oval recruitment day. The monthly training course, to be held on the first Monday of the month, and the need for branches to send delegates.

Sis Siddall reported on the LTRC Recruitment & Retention Plan 2009 Q&A Followed

LTRC Plan Moved Camden Seconded Bakerloo Carried unanimously

Council of Executives Report

Bro New Reported on the following: The magnificent million workers on strike in France Thanked Bro Whitehead for the work he done while covering the RO’s post. EDF Powerlink strike – 6 further dates announced DLR controllers’ shift patterns dispute - suspended CBSO – Brendan Judge dispute – Ballot taking place Zak Khan dismissal dispute Pay & conditions Claim 2009 LU/Metronet Machinery talks- Managements proposals rejected London Taxi drivers who want to join the RMT

Regional Organiser's Report

Bro Hedley reported on the following: The need for a united LT region to fight the bosses TFL/LU/Metronet 1000 job losses Pay & Conditions Claim 2009- leaflets produced. More to follow ISS Cleaner Reps victimisation CBSO dispute DLR dispute EDF Powerlink strike Zak Khan dismissal dispute Bus worker Reps training The need for a political strategy within the region

Contributions/Questions for Bros New and Hedley’s reports followed

Bros New and Hedley were thanked in the usual manner The meeting agreed to extend standing orders by 30 minutes


Motion regarding retired members delegate numbers for BEMMAC

“That this region requests the General Secretary and the Council of Executive of the RMT allocate three additional position for Retired members of the RMT to the Black and Ethnic Minority Members Advisory Committee

Proposed Finsbury Park Seconded Retired Members Carried Unanimously

Motion regarding legal service provided to member (Amended)

“Finsbury Park Branch is concerned with the quality of legal services being offered to our members with members more often than not being declined legal assistance without the provision of a meeting with a representative as agreed at the AGM in 2008. It appears that only cases which are unbeatable are being supported although the case of Bro Vuoto in our branch which resulted in a substantial award at full tribunal despite being turned down before appeal shows that our legal team can get it very wrong. We believe that our experience as a branch is not unique and we call on the regional council to set up an urgent meeting of branch and regional officials chaired by the regional organiser to discuss ways of improving the legal service provided to our members with the intention of putting these proposals to the region in the form of a motion to be debated and sent to the national AGM of the union. This region also calls upon the Head Office of the RMT to bring the full weight of it’s legal powers to fight the attack against Glenroy Watson in trying to fine him £16000 for daring to take LUL to an Employment Tribunal.”

Proposed Finsbury Park Seconded TFL Carried Unanimously

Motion regarding procedure to be followed before representing members

Withdrawn by Finsbury Park

Emergency Resolutions

Support the Shiministim

This Union notes that 7 Israeli teenagers – known as Shiministim – are refusing to serve in the Israeli army because they object to Israel’s military occupation of the Palestinian territories. They are all 18 or 19 years old, have been called for military service but have refused togo and are now in prison.

They deserve our full support for the brave stand they are taking against the occupation and in the support of the Palestinian rights. Last year, the RMT AGM voted to support the Palestinians claim for an independent Palestine alongside Israel, and to promote unity between the working class Israelis and the Palestinians.

The stand taken by the Shiministim exemplifies the spirit of this policy.

We resolve to actively publicise and support their stand.

Proposed TFL Seconded Stratford Carried with 1 abstention

Charter for Track Workers

This region notes that successful recruitment needs planning and support from the whole region. We further note the success of other Charters for Cleaners/ Drivers etc and therefore call on the London Transport Region to endorse a similar charter for track workers:

1. Aimed at Track Contractors (P-Way) working on LUL. This is a big enough group to take on to start with; other contractor's grades can be dealt with after if successful with "lessons learned etc".

2. Should contain elements similar to the Cleaners Charter, but built in consultation with p-way contractors in the workplace (and via the LU Engineering website, a dedicated page/forum being created?).

3. Its ultimate and long term aim being bringing all track workers back under LUL employment.

4. Should consciously avoid pitfalls experienced with the Cleaners Charter and disputes!

5. Should be controlled by LU Engineering Branch and progressing to a steering group with RMT member p-way contractors on it/leading it.

6. Should be supported by all LUL Branches, RMT London Transport Region (& Council) and the national RMT.

7. Work to an agreed timetable;


• Mid-late Jan 09: Begin building of charter with contractor involvement.

• January 09 LT Regional Council: Propose resolution reducing RMT membership fee to LUL track contractors until May 2010(?).

• Early March 09: Track Contractor Charter meeting publicised and open to all track contractors and supporters, elect a steering committee.

• April 09: Collate and finalise Track Contractors Charter.

• May 1st 09: Launch RMT LUL Track Contractors Charter.

• May 09 to Jan 2010: Recruit p-way workers around the charter and reduced membership fee, and build into an army.

• Jan 2010: Present Track Contractor Charter demands to track contractor employers on LUL as RMT demands.

• Feb 2010: Ballot across all (involved!) track contractor employer's on LUL for the mother of all p-way strikes on LUL.

Proposed LU Engineering Seconded TFL Carried Unanimously


OAP Centenary Event – Meeting agreed to £100 donation

Other Reports

Bro Haughian reported on LGBT Event organising for the region

Sis Crocker reported on Young Members Booklet which as been produced. The meeting agreed to send Bro A Rowe as a delegate to the Young Members Conference.

Sis Clara O reported on the need for intergration of our cleaner members within the region



Meeting ended 19:15