Resolutions Carried At London Transport Regional Meeting September 2012

Arrest of RMT Assistant General Secretary Steve Hedley
This Region condemns the outrageous treatment by the police of Brother Hedley on the picket line at Kings Cfross over the cleaners strike.
The state oppression and abuse of our members human rights is intolerable. The attacks on working class rights has gone too far and we need to fight back.
We therefore ask the GGC to support a complaint and legal action against the police and to publicise this gross injustice

Repealing the 'Social Care Act'
This region notes:

  1. That while Andy Burnham has pledged to repeal the Health and Social Care Act if he becomes Health Secretary , Labour has not given a clear pledge to repeal the Act, let alone reverse the damage done and rebuild the NHS.
  2. That it is vital that the labour movement fights to get a clear promise from the Labour Party on this matter: both as a goal in itself and because it will make the Tory Liberal coalition vandalism of the NHS more difficult.
  3. That the NHS Liaison Committee to Save the NHS, which is backed by a range of trade union organisations, local NHS campaigns and figures including John McDonnell MP, is calling for a lobby of Labour Party conference in the Autumn. Plans are already underway and all planning is open to all wishing to take part.
    This region resolves:
    • To formally support and sponsor the lobby.
    • To advertise it in our publicity, and encourage people to join the lobby
    • To book xx tickets on the coach to the lobby. [*]

* Transport from London departs 0930 on 30th September from Chalton Street; tickets cost £15 per person.

Opposing the EDL
This Region notes:

The English Defence League is a racist organisation composed of thugs and members of fascist organisations like the BNP.

Twice, at Tower Hamlets (September 2011) and Walthamstow (September 2012), we have engaged with the wider community and thwarted the EDL's attempt to spread their message of hate and the violence that inevitably ensues.

After the humiliation suffered in Walthamstow and in an act of sheer desperation, the EDL are now planning to return to Waltham Forest on 27 October.

Sadly, LU has found itself, on each occasion, objectively, on the wrong side of the fence. Using the cover of 'Police Advice' LU have permitted the use of our workplace as a means of transport/safe passage for these racist thugs.

While in Norway, Anders Breivik is found "not insane" and guilty of a politically motivated massacre in July 2011, LU, whether under BTP advice or not, and Met Police escort, permit his political equivalents and boot boys trample over our workplace.

This Region Resolves:

To liaise and co-ordinate with Unite Against Fascism and other anti-fascist/racist organisations for the biggest mobilisation possible to stop the EDL marching through Walthamstow.

To mount a campaign among our members in the workplace to alert them of the threat posed by the EDL/BNP to us all. The campaign to be assisted with leaflets/stickers/badges etc

To write to the General Secretary and request he contact Aslef, TSSA and Unite to issue a joint statement to LU's Managing Director that states categorically that the EDL are not welcome in our workplace and that LUL refuse access/transport to the EDL.

Driverless trains
This Branch will not accept Driverless or Unstaffed Trains and request the GGC to call a ballot of our members in the Test Train Unit for industrial action as appropriate in the event they may be asked to facilitate the testing or introduction of such trains.

We are seeking support for this and looking for other drivers Branches to pass similar resolutions regarding drivers in their areas.

Driverless Trains and 'Test Train' trials
A couple of months ago a leaked document showing the future thinking of LU on "unattended train services" was leaked to the RMT along with the major document was a single pager from a tubelines engineer stating a trial of a driverless train would go ahead in October 2012 at a cost of £1million. So far we as a union have not reacted in any way except get a few column inches in the press, while LU "carry on regardless" we now understand from our colleagues in Test Train operations that trials for driverless trains are to become a reality and they not only need our support and guidance they also require the need for a ballot paper to protect not only their jobs but in reality the jobs of everyone who works on the underground.
From District & Piccadilly branch