Resolution:Support Palestinian & Israeli Workers-submitted by Stratford No 1 Branch for the Regional Council meeting on the 25th August:

Support Palestinian & Israeli Workers:submitted by Stratford No 1 Branch and seconded by Camden No 1 at the Regional Council meeting on the 25th August fell-5 votes Against, 3 votes For and 5 Abstentions.

We offer our support to Palestinian workers at Salit Quarries in Mishor Adumim (a settlement area east of Jerusalem), who are striking against exploitation and humiliation at work, and for union recognition.We also condemn the Israeli government's plans to privatise Israel Railways, and support the Israeli railworkers' fight against it, noting that they are using the example of British Rail privatisation to show what a disastrous policy it is! We congratulate Israeli railworkers for taking unofficial strike action after their union leaders were imprisoned for demonstrating against privatisation. 
We believe that solidarity between Israeli and Palestinian workers, and their opposition to Israeli government policy, will also benefit the struggle against Israel's oppression of the Palestinians. We resolve to send messages of support to these groups of workers, and to write to the Israeli embassy informing them of our support for these workers' struggles and our opposition to their policy of rail privatisation.