RMT to Ballot Members at Thales (LUL Contract) to Stop Management Bullying

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the resolution from our LU Engineering branch, and that our members employed by Thales at Waterloo can no longer tolerate the military style and systematic culture of bullying at their location.

They report that they have suffered from false suspensions, disciplinary and fact findings for little or no reason, have been denied representation at many of our meetings, been talked down to and ordered around rather than talked to and asked, and have been forced to work in an atmosphere of stress, anxiety and fear. They have now had enough.

Our members state that they demand dignity at work and protection from bullying management and are prepared to take action to ensure that they get it

In line with our members’ wishes, we instruct the General Secretary to write to the employer, demanding that:
• the use of suspension/ fact-findings as a tool to instill fear is stopped
• members are given the right to be represented at fact findings and meetings with management
• an outside investigator, agreed by our union, is brought in to ensure confidentiality and to independently investigate the culture and management abuses at Waterloo, without fear of recrimination
• action is taken against those who have abused their authority

We further instruct the General Secretary to ballot our members at Thales (LUL Contract) for strike action and action short of strike on this issue; and to send a personal letter by post to all members urging them to vote Yes to both.

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