RMT Cleaners deserve respect, justice and our support

Interserve, the latest outsourced contract cleaning company LUL have tasked with humiliating and treating our cleaners as an underclass of London’s workers.

Previous incumbents of the multi million pound contracts on offer from TfL/LUL/Mayor’s office have failed to pay minimum wage, London Living wage, sick pay, travel allowance to our cleaners.

Interserve are perhaps the worst of the worst.
Non-payment of wages, late payment of wages, no pay slips, statutory sick pay withheld are the headlines in this appalling companies treatment of our comrades and colleagues.

The RMT have a proud and long tradition of standing up for workers and their rights. We also seek to improve terms and conditions of our members throughout their working lives.

Our message to Interserve is this – we were here before you and mark our words we will be here long after you have been kicked off the gravy train of outsourced contracts on LUL.
In the meantime – treat our members with respect, dignity and pay their wages. On time. Or else