RMT Council of Executives report, 12 January 2011

Report from Janine Booth, your Council of Executives member

  • I was elected last Tuesday (4 January) - thanks for support.
  • I have been appointed to the following Executive subcommittees - Equal Rights, Olympics, General Finance, Staffing, Health & Safety - disappointed not to have others eg. Publicity and Propaganda, but membership of these committees was decided before I was elected.
  • RMT grades and equalities conferences will be taking place over the next few months - all branches, please send delegates and resolutions.
  • Black & Ethnic Minority Members Advisory Committee has agreed to organise an anti-slavery event in September - series of talks on various aspects of past and modern slavery, followed by evening concert.
  • campaigns against victimisation: Peter Hartshorn has his CDI 12/1/11; I successfully proposed to GGC one-day strikes of Bakerloo and Morden drivers on Saturday 15/1/11 (starting Friday night) - as requested by branches following discussion about whether Saturday or weekday was preferable
  • Docklands Light Railway - industrial action ballot result received today - very good majority - reps to meet 12/1/11 and decide what action they want - GGC decision should be on Thursday - I will propose what the reps recommend.
  • Power Control Room / TACs - LU offer on grade progression is unacceptable - following discussion with members, MATS rep recommends referendum (recommendation No), followed by industrial action ballot - I'll propose this at GGC on Thursday
  • Victoria Line drivers senstive edge dispute - ballot for action short of strikes is currently being prepared.
  • London Underground pay - RMT has not yet submitted a claim, and appears not to have yet considered the resolution passed by the Regional Council in August - I'm chasing this.
  • The union is involved in several other disputes and campaigns around the country - if you would like to know more, please check the RMT website or email me j.booth@rmt.org.uk
  • Please attend the TUC march against cuts on 26 March, and encourage all your workmates, friends and family to do so too.
  • London Underground job cuts - good media coverage of the issue achieved over the past week, thanks to reps for submitting the ideas/information - I proposed the decisions agreed by GGC on 7/1/11 and 11/1/11 - I have circulated a detailed explanation to reps and activists; members can email me for a copy - BBC 11/1/11 reported 'no strikes in January' despite this being opposite of GGC decision - I arranged for correction to be made.