RMT members' solidarity message to NHS workers

#TubeStrike solidarity with #JuniorContract struggle

Transport workers' statement of support for junior doctors and health workers' fight for decent contracts and the future of the NHS:

As transport workers and trade union activists, we extend full solidarity to junior doctors and other health workers fighting for fair contracts and against NHS cuts.

The issues behind our strikes on London Underground during the summer, and the ongoing disputes of which they were a part, mirror some of the struggles you are now fighting: against austerity-driven attempts by a Tory administration to cut staffing levels, and make those that remain work longer and harder for less.

Like our fight for a properly-staffed, democratically-controlled public transport system, your fight to defend the NHS can unite workers and service users in a common struggle for a society in which human need, and not the needs of profit, come first.

We offer our full support to your campaign, including any industrial action which you take. As the Tory government prepares the biggest legislative and political attack on workers' and unions' rights to organise that this country has ever seen, solidarity with any group of workers standing up for their rights at work and in society is vital.

In solidarity,
Officers of the RMT London Transport Regional Council, including:
Eamonn Lynch (Secretary)
Glenroy Watson (President)
Vaughan Thomas (Vice President)
Glen Hart (Political Officer)
Janine Booth (Disabled Members' Officer)
Daniel Randall (Young Members' Officer)
Carol Foster (BEM Members' Officer)
Ross Marshall (Treasurer, and Secretary of RMT Station and Clerical Grades Industrial Organising Conference)
Linda Wiles (President of RMT Station and Clerical Grades Industrial Organising Conference)
Peter North (Website Officer)

Paddington No 1 Branch

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