Royal Fleet Auxiliary To Strike Alongside Public Sector Colleagues On May 10th

MARITIME AND TRANSPORT UNION RMT confirmed today that members on the Royal Fleet Auxiliary will strike alongside public sector colleagues on the 10th May as follows:

If the ship is in port DO NOT TURN TO for any duty that commences between 06:00 hours and 18:00 hours on Thursday 10th May 2012

Following the National Day of Strike Action observed by RFA members and many other public sector workers on 30th November 2011, further talks took place with the Government to try to resolve the dispute over radical pension changes.

There has been no further progress on this matter and the unacceptable proposals by the ConDem Government to make all public sector workers pay more and work longer for a reduced pension are still in place. All RFA members who can are urged to take part in this action and stand firm together with many thousands of other public sector workers.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“RMT members on the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, the service that supplies the Royal Navy fleet around the world in times of both war and peace, will be standing shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of thousands of other public service workers on 10th May."

“We will be sending the clearest message to the Government that we will defend our pensions to the hilt and the demand that our members should work longer, pay more and get less will be thrown back in the faces of this Government of millionaire public schoolboys."

“It’s the bankers and the bosses who have gambled with our country’s future and the men and women who provide the lifeline services to the Royal Navy fleet should not have to tolerate a worse pension and be forced to work longer to make up for their mistakes.”


During the above period of strike action, members must ensure that the safety of the ship is maintained, including Moorings and Gangways at all times.

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