Skills Development Transformtion Update

Your MATS reps, along with the other unions, met with London Underground on 29/03/18 for the latest consultation meeting. We raised a number of issues in the meeting including:


  • Preferencing forms sent out with agreement


There were lots of issues with the forms that were sent out. Some people didn’t even receive their forms and of those that did, many had the wrong number of available roles on the forms or roles that people are not actually able to apply for, including a role that is still being advertised on the Transformation Priority site. The company agreed to amend the forms and send them out again, as well as extending the preferencing window.


  • Reneging on agreements


We secured assurances from the company that anyone who would be forced into a lower grade job through Transformation would have their salary and terms and conditions of employment ring-fenced, meaning they will bring them with them into their new role. However, they are now arguing against doing this for people who will be forced into the Content Developer role


  • Refusing to map people even if there are an equal number of people preferencing roles as there are roles available. The company seem insistent on cherry picking their favourites


  • People being told they can preference for roles in the Band above, despite this being against the rules that the company have imposed



  • Unions still not in possession of full and up-to-date pooling documents



The company seem to be making things up as they go along and leave us with little confidence of the consultation process.

We will update you after the next meeting, but in the meantime, please direct any concerns to your MATS rep of your RMT Branch