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Injured at work, refused annual leave, no sick pay, booked off duty without pay, sacked, reinstated, then sacked again

RMT local rep Mary’s crime was to sit down after finishing her work while she was waiting for the train doors to be opened. (Cleaners are instructed that they must not sit on the train seats that they clean.) She was photographed – without her consent - sitting on a train with her head back and her broom in her hand waiting to get off the train. There was no complaint about her work.

SPECIAL MEETING “REINSTATE MARY, NOW!” Friday 23rd January 1800hrs Exmouth Arms Pub: 1 Star Cross Street Euston Speakers; BOB CROW, PAT O’BRIEN Steve Hedley, Glenroy Watson, Olly New and others For further information call 07956 342235, 07956 133450 text 07535 693770